Zipline, Bobsled, Raggamuffin… So Much To Do At Mystic Mountain Jamaica!

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Mystic Mountain's rainforest adventure is one of the most exciting activities you can try in Jamaica. This adventure tour is owned by Karibukai Limited and it is set deep in the mountains of Ocho Rios. Thrill seekers can enjoy the rush of the Sky Explorer and the Raggamuffin ride before bobsledding through the rainforest for breathtaking vistas. The canopy zipline is also an exciting adventure, so buckle up and enjoy the ride.

This Jamaica adventure is one of those that will really bring out the explorer in you. Once you arrive at Mystic Mountain and take in the beauty of this space, you’ll probably be tempted to try just about every tour there is. Activities aside, while at Mystic Mountain, you may find it interesting to stop by the Mystic Pavilion to learn more about Jamaica. You’ll be surprised at how much you can learn in a couple of minutes!

Before we get ahead of ourselves though, there are plenty of reasons to visit Mystic Mountain in Jamaica, and this guide will tell you exactly why you should add it to your list!

Good to know: A Mystic Mountain adventure is one of the most fun things to do in Jamaica with kids. At this Jamaican adventure park, there’s something to do for just about everyone!

What is Mystic Mountain?

Mystic Mountain is a rainforest adventure park located in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. This excursion has many attractions such as the popular bobsled ride, but there is so much more to Mystic Mountain than just bobsledding! When you visit Mystic Mountain, you can have fun and learn about Jamaica’s natural landscape and local culture. As you explore the area, you will probably be left in awe of the scenery and the local flora and fauna. Undoubtedly, through a Mystic Mountain experience, you can gain a greater appreciation of what Jamaica has to offer.

A nature-oriented theme park, Mystic Mountain is a great place for everyone to visit, including families and singles. There are several activities to participate in at Mystic Mountain, including the canopy zipline and a web rope course. We’ve detailed a bit of everything you can find at Mystic Mountain below, starting with the Sky Explorer.

What is there to do at Mystic Mountain?

Sky Explorer

The name says it all: the Sky Explorer adventure takes you high up the mountain top, where you will travel to about 700 feet. No worries though, you will be secured to a chair lift that will keep you safe as you ascend through the tropical forest. Here you will have a bird’s eye view of the lush vegetation and the north shore. The latter is lined with cliffs which make for fantastic panoramic views. The award-winning Dunn's River Falls is nearby, so look out for it too!

Make sure your camera ready as your picture will be taken on the tour through the mountain tops. After all, an adventure like this isn’t even complete without pictures! You’re welcome to purchase these pictures afterward or to bring your own camera along to capture the moments. After the Sky Explorer, it will be time for some bobsledding fun!

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Mystic Pavilion

Mystic Pavilion is the first place that you arrive at after getting off the Sky Explorer. This pavilion is an educational space where visitors can learn more about the history of Jamaica. This includes information about the island’s natural resources, its successes in the marine world, and its rich culture and ancestry.

Mystic Pavilion Jamaica

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Jamaica is also known for its successful athletes like Usain Bolt, so visitors to the Mystic Pavilion will be educated about the island’s athletic history. There is a gift shop on site too, where you can browse at your leisure before or after getting a bite to eat at the restaurant.

Rainforest bobsled

Rainforest Bobsled Jamaica is one of the main tourist attractions at Mystic Mountain. Jamaica’s bobsled team inspired this adventure and since then it has been rated as one of the best attractions in Jamaica. The main highlight of the bobsled adventure is the 1000m drive through the rainforest with an up close and personal view of tropical Jamaica.

The island’s natural landscape remains undisturbed as the track for the bobsled takes you through the dense rainforest, around the towering trees, and past views of the coastline. The sleds you will be traveling in are custom-made and include a handbrake that helps you control the speed of your tour. So, you’ll get to decide if you’d like an adrenaline-filled drive through the mountain or an easygoing descent to the bottom.

Good to know: While there’s no minimum age to bobsled at Mystic Mountain, riders should be at least 36 inches tall and weigh no more than 300 pounds.


Once the bobsled comes to a stop, the next part of your adventure will begin at the Raggamuffin ride. If you bring a friend along, the two of you can sit side by side on the ride as it makes its way from the Mystic Pavilion and you go up the mountain once more. From the top, you’ll go racing down the mountain on a track that soars over Ocho Rios while swerving through several turns along the way.

This thrilling ride will without a doubt be one of the most exciting trips you’ve taken. Plus, since all this action takes place well above the mountain, you will be able to enjoy a wonderful bird’s eye view of the Caribbean Sea when the ride automatically stops at different points. This ride is not suitable for small children so be sure to only bring older friends/relatives for this activity. Once your ride is through, you can start making your way to the canopy zipline.

Good to know: Kids who meet the minimum height of 42 inches and taller are welcome to try the Raggamuffin ride. The ride can only accommodate two riders at a time, so work out how your crew will be pairing up ahead of time.

Canopy zipline

The canopy zipline makes it possible to slide along from one platform to the next through the tropical rainforest. This is a fun way to experience Mystic Mountain and witness the coastline from all different angles. It will also be the perfect opportunity to get a view of Dunn's River Falls and the deep, blue Caribbean Sea.

The popular canopy zipline allows you to experience that adrenaline rush you have been seeking without compromising your safety. Children six years and older are allowed on this tour and all participants must weigh less than 280 pounds. Before this activity begins, a tour guide will show you how the harness works and what safety equipment is available.

Anancy’s Web Rope Course

The rope course at Mystic Mountain is named after Anansi, the mythical spider that has been the theme of many West Indian children’s books. This activity is made up of an obstacle course, a jungle gym, and a climbing wall called Reggae Rock. As long as visitors have been secured in their harnesses, they can feel free to make their way through the various challenges.

Younger children from 3-7 years of age can enjoy the inner circle course while their parents can take on the challenge of Reggae Rock. This climbing wall towers 30 ft high and participants with every level of experience can have some fun. All climbers must be at least 5 years old and 46 inches tall for Reggae Rock.

Infinity pool and Mystic Waterslide

The infinity pool is a refreshing way of cooling down after a full day of activities at Mystic Mountain, Jamaica. You are welcome to jump in before you get started on your first tour, either way, you simply must stop by this pool before leaving for the day.

For children, a dip in the pool at Mystic Mountain can be a relaxing way to end or kick start the day also as there's a water slide and plenty of space to splash around. Plus, the infinity pool has the perfect backdrop of natural scenery that is sure to enhance the ambiance of a Mystic Mountain adventure.

Butterfly Attraction Garden & Hummingbird Garden

Nature lovers are in for a treat at the Butterfly Attraction Garden & Hummingbird Garden. A trip to this location is another great way of winding down after a full day. Be ready to watch in awe as the butterflies flit through the plants and the hummingbirds fly about. You’ll want to have your camera on hand for this experience.

These gardens are a must-see for everyone who visits Mystic Mountain in Jamaica. Children will love exploring this area as they’ll get to experience the lush gardens for themselves and bask in the beauty of nature. The experience can be an educational one for them too as there are signs along the way that label and detail the various species and their history in Jamaica.

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FAQs: Things to know before you go to Mystic Mountain

What’s the best way to get to Mystic Mountain?

Mystic Mountain is situated just about five minutes from the pier where cruise ships dock in Ocho Rios. If you’re in downtown Ocho Rios, it will take about 15 minutes via bus or taxi to get to Mystic Mountain. Mystic Mountain is just a few minutes away from Dunn River Falls as well.

If you are staying in other parts of Jamaica like Montego Bay, it may take you a little longer to get to Mystic Mountain. If you would like to spend much of your vacation in Ocho Rios, it may be best to book your stay at a hotel nearby so that way you don’t have to commute too long to get to your destination.

Expert tip: There are tons of benefits to staying at Beaches Ocho Rios (family resort) or Sandals Ochi (couples resort) when you head off for your Mystic Mountain adventure! You can book tours and excursions to the area from the resort’s convenient tour desk (transportation will be included!), and you’ll have up to 16 gourmet restaurants, bars and swim-up bars, pools and exciting activities waiting when you get back - all included and always unlimited.

How much does Mystic Mountain cost?

Since Mystic Mountain has so many different excursions, there are several packages offered to visitors. These include deals for the various tours offered on-site. A full package that includes all activities will cost an adult $169 USD and children (4-10 years old) $139 USD. Children three years and younger enter free.

Visitors also have the option of booking tours with tour operators. These usually provide transportation to and from Mystic Mountain and back to your hotel. Package deals that encompass more than one tour are also available. With this option, you’ll get to choose the package that suits your budget and interests. For example, there is the SkyExplorer and Anancy’s Web or “The Big 3” package which includes Sky Explorer, Bobsled, and Raggamuffin rides. Tickets for this option cost only $39 USD for children while adults will be charged $55 USD.

What to wear and take with you to Mystic Mountain?

It is advised that all visitors wear light clothing when visiting Mystic Mountain in Jamaica. Close-toed shoes are mandatory. As this is a tropical island, you'll want to dress to stay cool, and to keep yourself protected as well. The best close-toes shoes for this experience would be sneakers. These are recommended since you will be walking through nature where the ground can be uneven. It is best to wear shoes that will give you a strong footing.

If you plan on taking a dip in the infinity pool while at Mystic Mountain, you should definitely walk with a bathing suit, towel and a change of clothes for this trip. Don’t forget sunscreen to protect your skin, some water and a snack to prevent hunger and thirst until you can get to the restaurant (Mystic Dining). Also, be sure to walk with some cash to buy some food and souvenirs at the gift shop if you feel like it. Last but certainly not least, don’t forget to bring your camera along so that you can capture the incredible sights along the way.

Other amenities at Mystic Mountain

Some of the other amenities available at Mystic Mountain include restrooms, parking, and lockers that you can use to keep your possessions safe before you hop onto any of the rides. There’s a souvenir shop and a restaurant, Mystic Dining, where you can find something delicious to eat and cold drinks as well.

Your Mystic Mountain adventure in Jamaica awaits!

We hope that after reading this you’re more than ready for your Mystic Mountain adventure in Jamaica. Mystic Mountain is popular among adventurers and ecotourists, but just about anyone can enjoy an experience here. With so much to do at Mystic Mountain, this can be a great first stop after you get to Jamaica and settle in at your resort.

A Mystic Mountain adventure can be arranged through most Jamaica resorts, but Ocho Rios resorts would be best if you want to avoid long driving times to get to the attraction. Other than Mystic Mountain, there are lots of Ocho Rios excursions and other things to do in Ocho Rios that couples, families, and anyone can enjoy during a Jamaica vacation.

Expert tip: Once your Mystic Mountain excursion is over you can check out some of the other fun attractions in the Ocho Rios area like the Ocho Rios Blue Hole, water parks in Ocho Rios, and Dunn's River Falls.

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