Pirates Island Water Park at Beaches Ochos Rios

Your destiny awaits in an adventure unlike any other! Located to the left of the Caribbean Village, Pirate Island is the perfect place to let the imagination run free. Ocho Rios’ water park at Beaches is the second-largest park out of the three Beaches Resorts. Set over an impressive 27,000 square ft, Pirate Island is renowned for having the biggest slides of them all. It may be expansive, but Beaches Ocho Rios is perfectly proportioned for families and offers a unique boutique feel. The resort’s theme park-style addition gets the adrenaline pumping without straying too far from some Caribbean relaxation all parents desire.




Water Slides

Hold onto your swim shorts when you feed the need for speed at this water park in Ocho Rios! With five big slides, you’re guaranteed to have a blast. But, are you courageous enough to go unaccompanied? If so, please be aware that five of the slides, including the tube and raft slide, require a minimum height of 42’. But, don’t be alarmed, there is plenty more for little kids and toddlers too. Ocho Rios’ water park has a total of eleven slides, leaving many more attractions to explore.


Kids Slides

Whilst the big kids blast down the big rides, your wee ones can build confidence on the starter slides. Before you know it, they’ll be going forwards, backward, and then headfirst! Don’t worry though, the shallow pools below make these the safest spots for toddlers to explore whilst you sit back and sip a daiquiri.


Splash Deck

An adventure awaits you at the fun, interactive splash zone! Challenge yourself to cross the sea creature stepping stones and clamber across the swinging net. Blast water cannons and stand in amazement, mesmerized by the beauty and power of the many waterfalls.


Lunch Favorites

Swimming and sunning yourself all day really does work up an appetite. Lucky for you, the water park in Ocho Rios has many yummy eateries to choose from. Visit Bella Napoli Pizzeria for made-to-order wood-fired pizzas, a firm family favorite. For guests on the move, Bar.B.Q Park offers a more informal Grab ‘n’ Go menu. Choose from mouthwatering BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches, Chicken, or Ribs, plus much more.


Hot Tub

Grab yourself a mocktail, cocktail, or ice cream, the choice is yours, and laze the afternoon away in one of our on-site tubs.



Start your day by grabbing one of the many floaties on offer and drift amongst one of our four crystal clear pools. Start a game of battleships and see who in the family can remain on their floaty the longest!

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A place of magic, Beaches’ water park in Ocho Rios is positioned amongst 22 acres of lush green gardens. But, don’t let the tranquil setting distract you from your destiny! Pirate Island is for the intrepid explorer. You’ll need perseverance in the search for enchanted gold. Treasure hunters will have to cross the crystal lagoon whilst avoiding the glaring teeth of humongous crocs! Show your family the photographs, we promise they’ll be dreaming about it right up until they arrive and for many months after! Once all the excitement is over, the quiet, cove beach makes the ideal spot for prosperous explorers to unwind.

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for tweens & teens

For older children who want to break out in independence and make some new friends, Port Royal Arcade is the place to be. Ocho Rios’ water park has plenty to do and something for everyone. Find out what’s on offer in this section of the park below:

play lounge

Game enthusiasts will be amazed when they see our dedicated Xbox lounge. Play any game imaginable, defeat monsters, and race against the clock.


Bats at the ready, will you set out to thrash your opponent in a head-to-head game of table tennis?


Start a league and strike out in this tabletop version of Soccer.


This is one of the most popular Arcade games of all time! Challenge the family to a tournament or the winner stays on.


Practice those trick shots to show off to friends when you get home. Pool is a great way to pass the time with an ice cold smoothie in hand.


How do you rate your skills on the court? Shoot until your heart’s content in a one-on-one basketball competition.

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The Pirates Islands water park at Beaches Ochos Rios is open for guests from 10 AM until 5 PM.

Yes. Admission to the water park at Beaches Ocho Rios is free for all guests.

All ages are welcomed at the water park at Beaches Ocho Rios. Five of the large slides have a height requirement of 42'.

Life jackets are available at the water park at no additional cost.

There are no lockers available at the water park at Beaches Ochos Rios. You can safely leave your belongings at your beach chair.

There are no private cabanas available at the water park, only at the beach, the main pool and, at the main pool boardwalk. These cabanas can be reserved at an additional cost.