Tour of Turks Head Brewery: A Must For Beer Lovers In Turks & Caicos

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If you’re a beer lover, a cold and refreshing brew on sunny island shores might be all you need to get into that ultimate state of relaxation. In the Turks & Caicos, a territory with 40 different islands and hundreds of different beaches, this will definitely be a possibility. To make this experience even more of a breeze, on this island you won’t need to look far to find your local island beer staple!

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In the Turks & Caicos, the islands’ best beers and lagers are produced by the Turks Head Brewery. This brewery is actually the first and only operational brewery in this territory. If you stay on the island of Providenciales (also known as “Provo”), the capital of the Turks & Caicos Islands (TCI), during your vacation you can tour this brewery, sample its offerings, and find out more about the brewing process in Turks & Caicos. The more you know, the more you’ll be able to enjoy your cold and refreshing Caribbean beer on pristine white sands in the TCI. If you'll be headed to the Turks & Caicos soon, here’s what you can expect from a tour of the Turks Heads Brewery!

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About Turks Head Brewery:

Turks Head Brewery is located in central Providenciales in the Turks & Caicos. Kicking off its operations formally in 2001, the Turks Head Brewery became the first brewery to operate in this territory. Today the brewery is co-owned by Serge Tuyssuzian and remains the only one in Turks & Caicos.

The Turks Head Brewery produces a wide variety of beers. That list includes lagers, ales, stouts, and pilsners. Popular beers produced at this brewery include Turk’s Head Lager, Turk’s Head Amber, Island Hopping Ale (IPA), and Turk's Head Lite (a light lager). There are some seasonal selections as well which include a stout that is often produced for St. Patrick’s Day.

In total, the Turks Head Brewery is estimated to produce more than 200 brews annually. This equates to over two million bottles of beer and lager. The lager produced by the Turks Head Brewery takes about five weeks to brew. The ales take less time and can be produced in about a week. When it comes to bottles, cans, and kegs for the taps, these are all produced in-house at the Turks Head Brewery as well. It is easy to recognize brews made at Turks Head as these have the Turks Head Cactus logo which includes a beach background.

The beer produced by the Turks Head Brewery is mostly barley-derived. The grains are imported from the United States and Germany. The hops, five different types, are imported from the Pacific Northwest and New Zealand primarily, as well as some other countries. Hops are known to add flavor, aroma, and bitterness to beer so these ingredients are pretty much staples to the creation of Turks Head Brewery products. Turks Head Brewery, which recently expanded to include two brewers, plans to add more varieties to its lineup in the near future including craft beers and other drinks.

Good to know: Turks Head Brewery products are sold throughout Turks & Caicos at most bars, restaurants, and at some all-inclusive resorts on Providenciales, especially Beaches Turks & Caicos.

The Turks Head Brewery tour

The Turks Head Brewery is unique in that it also offers tours to the public. Starting off in 2017, these tours have gained popularity. Now, according to the reviews, they are considered among the most fun tours to embark on in Turks & Caicos. During a tour of the Turks Head Brewery, participants have a chance to learn about the beer production process, even speaking to on-site guides to find out further details on the brewing process. As part of this tour, visitors make use of a modern catwalk that was fitted specifically for the tours. This makes it possible to have a bird’s eye view of the brewing process which can be quite fascinating.


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Tours of the Turks Head Brewery span about an hour. The tour cost $15 USD per person and this price includes up to four samples. Children are allowed to accompany their parents or guardians on tours of the brewery. Tickets for children cost $5 USD. Tours get underway daily: Monday-Saturday 11 am to 6 pm. Pre-booking is necessary to secure your spot. Private tours of the brewery are available as well. In addition to the tour, there’s a tasting room and bar which are available to guests during the brewery’s hours of operation. Bookings are not required to access the bar.

After the tour of Turks Head Brewery, visitors are taken to the signature custom-made bar. Once there, you’ll have a chance to taste the national beer of the Turks & Caicos, which is one of the most popular brews made on this island. Straight after that, you can stop off at the on-site shop where you can purchase any of the brews you might have sampled to take home with you. There are also beer-themed gifts and souvenirs at the brewery’s shop that you might be interested in.

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How to get to Turks Head Brewery

It won't be hard to get to the Turks Head Brewery as it is located in central Providenciales in the Discovery Bay area. This brewery is near some of the major hotels and resorts in Provo and all it will take is a short drive to get there if you’ll be staying in this area. If you're staying a bit further off you’ll still be able to get here fairly easily via a taxi, car rental, or even by way of the local bus. The Turks Head Brewery is located in the TC Crystal Water building which is on the main bypass between Leeward Highway and South Dock Road. While using a map, you’ll need to watch carefully as this bypass road is called Universal Drive. On the map, this might be labeled as a continuation of South Dock Road.

If you want to go to the Turks Head Brewery, you can also do so by signing up for an excursion. Some excursions combine various attractions into a single-day tour which can be fun. Island Routes offers the Turks ATV All-Island Land Adventure and an ATV West Coast Adventure both of which are sure to be a thrill. As part of either of these options, you'll get to explore the scenic Discovery Bay trail. Lunch happens either at Da Conch Shack or at Rickie’s Flamingo Café, depending on the tour option that you choose. Both of these excursions include a tour of the Turks Head Brewery so you can expect an excitement-filled day either way.

Good to know: A beer in the Turks & Caicos can cost around $5 USD. You can pair your local beer with some of these popular Turks & Caicos food items.

Turks Head Brewery: A worthwhile adventure in Turks & Caicos

Whether you're a beer lover or just love relaxing with something cold and refreshing to sip on, you'll find lots of amazing places to do just that in the Turks & Caicos Islands. Start your exploration of these islands with a tour of the Turks Head Brewery and expand your horizons with tours that include the possibility of seeing more than one attraction in a day. Check the ratings for the best Turks & Caicos excursions like ATV adventures with stops at the Turks Head Brewery and get ready to have a blast!


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Expert tip: If you can't find the time to fit in a tour of the Turks Head Brewery while in the Turks & Caicos, you can always find somewhere to try local beers or lagers during your vacation. If you try the local brews and like them, it may be worth purchasing a few bottles to take home to share as gifts.

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