59 Best Things To Do In Turks & Caicos

The Turks & Caicos Islands have more than 30 islands and cays that offer a range of experiences for singles, couples and families alike. From Providenciales to Grand Turk, and all the other islands and cays in between, there are lots of things to do while in Turks & Caicos. Most of it related to the beautiful turquoise waters featured in this tropical paradise.

Beaches Turks Caicos Water Activities

So what is special about Turks & Caicos? In this compilation of the best things to do in Turks & Caicos, we will explore the most interesting activities and things you can do during your vacation in the Caribbean territory, so you can take in as much as you can, while on the islands!

59. Learn more about salt production!

Turks Caicos Salt Evaporation

Photo credit: Allen Furmanski/Shutterstock.com

Salt used to be incredibly important to The Turks & Caicos Islands. Back in the 1900s when the salt industry was at its peak, The Turks and Caicos Islands were exporting as much as 140 million pounds of sea salt. This was extracted from Salt Cay, South Caicos and Grand Turk before the industry ultimately crashed. The remnants can be seen at the Salt House Museum in Grand Turk and at the Boiling Hole in South Caicos.

58. Visit the Grand Turk Lighthouse

Grand Turk Light House Turks Caicos

Photo credit: Zoran Karapancev/Shutterstock.com

The Grand Turk Lighthouse was inspired by President Fred Forth in 1851 after several shipwrecks that occurred due to poor lighting and knowledge of the island’s waters. This 1852 lighthouse stands at 60 feet tall at the highest point on the island and is situated along the coastal area of Grand Turk.

57. Stop by Her Majesty’s Prison

Her Majestys Prison Turks Caicos

Photo credit: Julian Worker/Shutterstock.com

This 19th century prison once housed slaves, mostly from neighbouring islands who had committed petty crimes. At first, it could only house about 6 prisoners, but it was eventually expanded to house many more before it closed in 1990. This prison can be found in Grand Turk, where you can stroll through the old prison to see the cell, the exercise area and the solitary confinement cells.

56. Explore the Conch Bar Caves

Turks Caicos Conch Bar Caves

Photo credit: Karen Wunderman/Shutterstock.com

Conch Bar Caves, which span 1.5 miles, are recognised as one of the biggest cave systems within the Caribbean territories. It can be found close to the Conch Bar village in Middle Caicos and it can be accessed through The National Trust. Contact the local authorities any time before 3 pm from Monday-Friday, for a 20-30-minute guided tour. Look out for the wildlife, ice-like stalactites, lagoons, stalagmites and the colonies of bats that can be found within this wondrous cave system.

55. Take a chance at the tables of the Casablanca Casino

Casino Turks Caicos

Photo credit: Maridav/Shutterstock.com

This casino is situated in Grace Bay, Provo (Providenciales), the hotspot for many major businesses, activities and attractions in the region. Take a complimentary ride from your resort and head down to try your hand at any of the 85 slot machines, or the live gaming tables with games, like blackjack and roulette. If you’re not much of a gambler, you’ll be able to head down to the bar and lounge to chill and have a drink with your friends.

54. Take a cruise on a catamaran

Beaches Turks Caicos Catamaran

The Turks & Caicos Islands are a top choice for honeymooners from around the world. As a whole, they are considered a destination simply, ‘made for love.’ Whether you’re getting married, have gotten married, or you just want to celebrate your love, a sunset catamaran cruise is a highly recommended activity while in the Turks and Caicos islands. The cruise offers picturesque views of the island, while you and the love of your life rock to melodious Caribbean music. If you don’t feel much like dancing, you can relax on the boat and savour the gourmet style refreshments and some cool, tropical drinks as the sun sets in the distance.

Tip: Discuss with your tour company whether you want a romantic catamaran sunset tour, or to be part of a sunset party boat experience.

53. Pay a visit to the Columbus Landfall National Park

Cockburn town beach Turks Caicos

Photo credit: Ramunas Bruzas/Shutterstock.com

This protected area is believed to be one of the first places that Christopher Columbus landed on in the Americas, during his voyages. A well-preserved national site, the park is the largest of its kind in Grand Turk. The park spans 1280 acres and includes three recreational fishing zones, the west coast as a whole and the bodies of water in between. These include Pillory Beach, English Point, Cockburn Town Beach, Governor’s Beach and the Cruise Center Beach which is also known as the Sun Ray Beach.

52. Shop for souvenirs and trinkets

Souvenir Trinkets Turks Caicos

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There’s no better way to return home from vacation, than to bring along some souvenirs to make your entire family feel as though they too have experienced a vacation in paradise. In Turks and Caicos, there are plenty of places to shop for these, such as Alverna’s Craft Market. You’ll also find souvenirs and gift items at stores in the shopping plaza in the Grace Bay area.

51. Enjoy a beach day at Sapodilla Bay

Sunset Sapodilla Bay Providenciales Turks Caicos

Photo credit: Nicholas Dalessandro/Shutterstock.com

This cozy beach stretches 900 feet across the south coast of Providenciales. The calm, clear waters here are shallow and inviting, which makes it an ideal location for a day at the beach with family or friends. The sand here is soft to the touch and made up of light grains that contrast with the shell and coral like grains found on beaches in other parts of the island.

50. Deep sea sport fishing

Deep Sea Fishing Turks Caicos

Photo credit: paul prescott/Shutterstock.com

Fishing in the waters of Turks and Caicos allows you to catch a variety of fish in varying depths of the ocean, such as blue marlin, bonefish, wahoo and sailfish. The Provo waters are perfect for exploring fishing styles, like traditional and bottom fishing. Bone fishing can be done in North Caicos, in the Bottle Creek flats.

49. Visit Cockburn Town

Cockburn Town Turks Caicos

Photo credit: Jan Schneckenhaus/Shutterstock.com

It has been said that this was the first place Columbus landed when he arrived in the Americas. This city is home to the Salt Museum, which has depictions of the salt industry that existed long before tourism took over. You’ll enjoy the quaint and history packed town and have plenty of memories to take home with you.

48. Get a glimpse at the island’s history at the Turks and Caicos National Museum

The Turks & Caicos National Museum is one national site that you must stop at in order to learn more about the island. Inside you will find artifacts from shipwrecks such as the Molasses Reef Wreck, the oldest wreckage of a European ship in the western world. Other treasures include exhibits from the Lucayans, coins from the Spanish and a museum shop where you can purchase souvenirs.

47. Have your picture taken in front of the Turks & Caicos map mural

Turks Caicos Map Mural

Photo credit: TravnikovStudio/Shutterstock.com

When in Rome, do like the Romans… and during your Turks and Caicos island holiday this means you should definitely take a photo or two with the Turks & Caicos map mural in the backdrop. This is a great way to capture a lasting vacation memory. Many visitors spot this mural unexpectedly when out shopping or exploring the island. However, you stumble upon it don’t miss the opportunity to capture the amazing artwork that can also help pinpoint exactly where you are on the island of Providenciales!

Insider tip: The Crackpot Kitchen Restaurant, Bar and Grill is nearby if you want to enjoy good food, great service, and the occasional live band.

46. Experience the Turks and Caicos’ Conch Festival

Conch Shells TUrks Caicos

Photo credit: Ellen McKnight/Shutterstock.com

The highlight of this annual festival is none other than the conch- the national symbol of the island and its number one export product. Every November, the celebration of this delicacy begins with some of the most scrumptious conch meals, live entertainment, and lots of dancing and drinks. This is a festive time in Turks & Caicos that you do not want to miss!

45. Sample the island’s Bambarra Rum

Bambarra Rum, ‘The Spirit of Turks & Caicos’, is an alcoholic beverage developed by the islanders that is sold in many liquor stores, supermarkets and bars. This national drink is delectable in rum punch and Mojitos as well as Cuba Libres. Among the products sold are the Bambarra Black, Bambarra Coconut Rum and Bambarra two-year-old Silver Rum.

44. Kitesurf on turquoise waters

Kitesurfing Turks Caicos

Photo credit: Alexander Kolomietz/Shutterstock.com

Take in the full kite surfing experience by heading down to Provo, where you can find other like-minded kite surfing buddies, and even kite schools. Provo’s Long Bay Beach is one of the best spots to kite surf, thanks to its calm, shallow waters. Middle Caicos and Half Moon Bay Beach are top rated beaches for kitesurfing as well.

43. Join the fish fry at Bight Park

Fried Fish Turks Caicos

Photo credit: Isarapic/Shutterstock.com

The weekly fish fry at Bight Park is an introduction to the culture that every visitor should experience for themselves. While in Turks and Caicos, you’ll be able to head out there to sample the delicious fried fish, conch meals and side dishes like lobster mac and cheese and crab rice, which are prepared by chefs from all over the island. The live music will keep you entertained, and you can purchase some souvenirs from the shops nearby.

42. Enjoy Bajari Beach

Bajari Beach Club Turks Caicos

Photo credit: Khairil Azhar Junos/Shutterstock.com

Bajari Beach is pretty to look at and it’s a great beach to spend the day on while in Grand Turk. Many excursions include this beach, and it is also often frequented by cruise ship visitors. You can find everything you need for the perfect beach day on these shores, including beach chairs and umbrellas, a restaurant, restrooms, music, snorkelling opportunities, and more. Water shoes are recommended if you plan on going swimming because of rocks and sea urchins.

41. Watch the cruise ships at Sun Ray Beach

Sun Ray Beach Turks Caicos

Photo credit: Debbie Ann Powell/Shutterstock.com

Sun Ray Beach is popular with cruise visitors as it is within walking distance of the port. You can watch the cruise ships come in and out of the port, or simply delight in how beautiful the space is. Sun Ray Beach is also a common stop off for excursions, so you may end up here as part of your tour. Most visitors have positive reviews of the Sun Ray Beach experience which includes souvenir shopping opportunities and a chance to visit the craft market in the area.

40. Take a dive along West Caicos

West Caicos Scuba Diving Turks Caicos

Photo credit: blue-sea. cz/Shutterstock.com

Some of the best places to dive can be found within the West Caicos Marine National Park, thanks to the plateaus (walls) of great depths. Most are 30-60 feet from top to bottom and you will also get the chance to see ospreys, brown pelicans and even wild flamingos. There are also some shallow waters that provide excellent opportunities for snorkelling.

39. Take a tour of Cheshire Hall Plantation

The remnants of Cheshire Hall stand as proof of its importance during the 1800s, when it was used as a plantation. Many Europeans invested in the 5,000 acres of land which saw hundreds of slaves working on its grounds. Today, many reminders remain including the cotton presses where cotton was bailed as well as the slave quarters and the derelict great hall. A tour of the grounds will grant you a glimpse into this era amid the many varieties of birds and plants in the area.

38. Shop some unique art at Anna’s Gallery

A Caribbean vacation is almost incomplete without making some time to indulge in the local art. Art in every destination is unique, and there’s hardly a better place to experience this for yourself than at Anna’s Gallery - a great attraction in Providenciales. Anna’s Gallery is a one spot shop for art created by a range of artists. From locally made sea glass jewellry and glass coasters to homemade soaps and paintings, you certainly won’t leave empty handed!

37. Spot the marine life at Bight Reef

Underwater Sealife Turks Caicos

Photo credit: Eric Carlander/Shutterstock.com

Bight Reef is one of the more popular spots for diving in Turks and Caicos. Its popularity has to do with the fact that it’s great for both beginners and more advanced divers - you’re likely to spot incredible sea creatures whether you choose to dive in a shallower space, or out in the deep. The earlier you go to dive here, the better. Sightings at Bight Reef include parrotfish, bar jacks, Nassau groupers, queen angelfish, butterflyfish, barracudas, trumpetfish, yellowtail snapper, queen triggerfish, green turtles, hawksbill turtles, southern brown stingrays, spotted eagle rays, and more.

36. Enjoy the view & snorkel at Three Marys Cays

Three Mary Cays Turks Caicos

Photo credit: Gabe Shakour/Shutterstock.com

More incredible snorkelling awaits at Three Marys Cays, which are essentially three small rock islands near the ocean. If you plan on going here, prepare for a bumpy ride! You’ll first need to take a ferry to North Caicos, and then drive to the beach. You’ll pass Flamingo Pond along the way, which is a huge pink pond that’s quite fascinating. Some visitors have even reported seeing flamingos along the way. As this spot can be a little hard to find a cab is a good option or going on a tour which includes this location. Don’t venture out here on rainier days as the road tends to be more difficult to navigate in wet weather.

35. Go on a 4x4 adventure (quad bike)

ATV Turks Caicos Island Routes

Taking a tour of the island on a quad bike will help you to access areas that are hard to reach by car. On top of that, you’ll get an exciting ride along trails and pathways with a tour guide that can take you to some of the island’s most amazing beaches and landscapes. These can include any of the top sites such as Malcolm’s Road Beach, Northwest National Park and Lower Bight.

34. Play a round of golf

Provo Golf Club Turks Caicos

Golf enthusiasts will enjoy the Provo Golf Club where they can tee off on a magnificent 18-hole golf course. It is known as “the jewel in the Turks and Caicos’ crown” and has made it to USA Today’s 2018 and 2019 lists of Best Caribbean Golf Courses. Both residents and visitors are welcome to play, and there is also a bar and grill on site as well as other stores.

33. Go off the beaten track with Bambarra Beach & Reef

Bambarra Beach Turks Caicos

Photo credit: Jo Ann Snover/Shutterstock.com

There’s no better way to explore any island than going off the beaten track. A journey to Bambarra Beach & Reef in Middle Caicos is the perfect opportunity to do just that. Sign up for a tour or hire a car and round up your troops to explore this location which has been likened to a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Bring along some floaties, snorkel gear, and whatever drinks and snacks you’ll need for the day. On most days you can walk out in the super shallow water to the nearby Pelican Cay to snorkel, or you can just settle in and enjoy the sunshine.

32. Dive or snorkel along the Grand Turk Wall at Library Reef

Library Reef Grand Turk Turks Caicos

Photo credit: John Wollwerth/Shutterstock.com

Library Reef is an amazing dive site in Grand Turk. It is only after diving here that you will fully understand how the reef got its name. Those who go diving here often describe the experience as “epic” and “amazing”, as it’s a great spot to see a variety of fish. After experiencing a dive here, you too may find yourself describing the reef as an underwater library marvel, where the shelves are ledges of coral, and the more you search, the more amazing things you find!

31. Watch the kite surfers at Long Bay Beach

Long Bay Beach Turks Caicos

Photo credit: Jo Ann Snover/Shutterstock.com

Kite surfing takes a special kind of bravery which for some surfaces during a spontaneous trip to the Caribbean. Long Bay Beach on Providenciales is the hub of Turks and Caicos surfing, and on windier days you’ll find the beach filled with kite-boarders looking to catch the best waves. You can take some kite surfing lessons or just sit on the shore - either way the beach is gorgeous and a great place to spend the day. Horseback riding tours are also available at Long Bay on most days.

30. Enjoy a meal at Coco Bistro

Coco Bistro Coco-Van Turks Caicos

This fine-dining restaurant uses fresh local herbs and ingredients and Mediterranean cooking styles to create scrumptious meals that are sure to leave you satisfied. You may be served a range of different foods, from lobster tacos to salmon and mahi mahi as the main dish. The palm trees that surround this restaurant create a wonderful ambiance and inspire a romantic mood.

Want to enjoy a romantic meal every day, without bringing your wallet? Guests of all-inclusive resort Beaches Turks & Caicos can enjoy unlimited gourmet food at the 21 restaurants on-property. Always unlimited, always for free.

29. See the shipwreck & collect some sea glass at Governor’s Beach

Governors Beach Turks Caicos

Photo credit: Leighton Collins/Shutterstock.com

Governor’s Beach is near the cruise terminal, and as such, it can get pretty crowded when there are ships in port. On days with no ships in port, you’ll mostly have the beach to yourself. At Governor’s Beach there are lots of trees for shade which makes it conducive for having a picnic, or just enjoying a breezy day out on the oceanfront. Lots of people snorkel here or search for beautiful sea glass pieces - those wishing to dive in should bring along sea shoes.

Tip: Beach goers with children are advised to watch out for the quick tide which often rushes in - kids should not get into the water here without supervision.

28. Take a bike ride through Providenciales

Beaches Turks Caicos Bike

Biking through the town and in areas such as Turtle Cove, Grace Bay and The Bight, can enhance your experience in Turks & Caicos by giving you a different perspective of the island. First, you can stop by Caicos Cyclery in Grace Bay to rent a bike. Then, as you peddle away, look out for the hotspots, restaurants, bars and everything in between. Hop down for a minute to say hello to the friendly locals and sample some local cuisine.

27. Go on a food tour in Provo

Conch fritters conch salad punch Bahamas

Photo credit: MevZup/Shutterstock.com

Sample some of the best food on the island by engaging in a food tour in Providenciales. Allow your taste buds to relish in the various flavours of the most popular meals on the island, particularly the varied seafood options. There are opportunities to try out national and international dishes. You’ll enjoy some of the most recommended restaurants that can be found in Grace Bay.

26. Take a tram tour on Grand Turk

There are many things to do in Turks & Caicos, and a tram tour should be somewhere at the top of your list. A tram tour is a fun and exciting way to behold the sights of the island. You’ll get to relax as the tour guide travels through Grand Turk, past museums, churches and other historical buildings. The tram will make brief stops so that you can eat, drink, shop and explore.

25. Spot some whales!

WHale Watching Turks Caicos

Photo credit: Ethan Daniels/Shutterstock.com

Whale watching is a must while in Turks & Caicos. These marine animals are often sighted in Grand Turk and Salt Cay, usually during the months of January - April which are their migration months. A whale watching adventure is both exciting and educational, and you can learn about the animals while watching them dip in and out of the water.

24. Kayak through the mangroves of Little Water Cay

Beaches Turks Caicos Kayak Cays

The Princess Alexandra Nature Reserve offers an exclusive kayaking experience that allows guests and opportunity to get back at one with nature. As you paddle and zigzag through the mangroves, you may spot sea turtles or the island’s national bird, The Brown Pelican. Island Routes offers a tour of the mangroves and the inland Rock Iguana Sanctuary.

23. Explore Malcolm’s Road Beach

Malcolms Road Beach Turks Caicos

Photo credit: Anna Renee Toton/Shutterstock.com

It’s a bit of a rough trek to Malcolm’s Road Beach but it’s perfect if you’re looking for a secluded beach. Prep for this outing by bringing along a cooler packed with cold drinks and your favourite snacks. There’s plenty to be amazed by on this pristine strand, but don’t expect restaurants or bathroom facilities. Bringing your own beach umbrellas and beach towels is recommended, and your snorkelling gear if you plan on using it. Swim shoes also come in handy here as there are some rocky areas you’ll need to go over if you plan on swimming.

22. Relax at Pillory Beach

Pillory Beach Turks Caicos

Photo credit: T Photos/Shutterstock.com

White sand, clean water, and a tranquil ambiance are some of the essential elements for the ideal beach day. All of this and more can be found at the wonderfully stunning Pillory Beach, a highly recommended destination for those who want a calmer beach. Pillory Beach is a short drive from Grand Turk's cruise ship terminal. When you arrive, you'll discover a restaurant, bar, bathrooms, and beach chair and umbrella rentals, which are ideal for immersing yourself entirely in a tropical beach experience!

21. Take a painting class at a local art studio

Turks and Caicos Island has a few art studios that offer opportunities to see or purchase a variety of paintings and other postcards, pictures and drawings of the island that are made by local artists. The Driftwood Studio in Grace Bay, Providenciales, as well as Making Waves Art Studio in Provo are two art studios that also offer pottery and painting classes to visitors. They accommodate groups as well, so pay them a visit with some friends to learn a thing or two.

20. Have some fun at Chalk Sound National Park

The Chalk Sound National Park is a protected area where Chalk Sound beach is located. The park is incredibly popular, and the beach’s dazzling waters make it an impressive landmark. Due to conservation efforts, watercraft use is forbidden but visitors can engage in paddle water sports on days with good weather and calm seas.

19. Set sail on a Hobie Cat

Beaches Turks Caicos Hobie Cat

A Hobie Cat is a small type of sailboat that one can learn to manoeuvre in about 1-3 hours, before setting sail on the waters. Though it may not be as popular as other sailboats, Hobie Cats are lots of fun and can carry as many as four adults. Book a Hobie Cat excursion or simply use them for free if you’re staying at all-inclusive resort Beaches Turks & Caicos (including professional instructions, if needed!).

18. Take a boat trip to a remote cay

Beaches Turks Caicos Cays Turquoise Water

Journey down the path less trodden by taking a trip to some of the remote locations like Parrot Cay and Fort George Cay while in Turks & Caicos. These are great sites to do some snorkelling, and there are abandoned cannons steeped in history that you can marvel at.

17. Meet the sting rays at Gibbs Cay

Mantaray Gibbs Turks Caicos

Photo credit: Eric Carlander/Shutterstock.com

The small island of Gibbs Cay (also known as Stingray City) is about a mile off the east coast of Grand Turk. It takes about 10 minutes to get there from Grand Turk. As the name suggests, the attraction here is the stingrays; travellers who want a chance to experience the thrill of swimming with these magnificent sea creatures will be fascinated by this once in a lifetime opportunity. Don’t be surprised when the rays come up to you as you get into the water - they’re quite accustomed to being fed and fawned over!

16. Explore Turks & Caicos’ underwater world with PADI® scuba diving!

Beaches Turks Caicos Scuba Aerial

If you want to go diving, there are lots of options across The Turks and Caicos Islands. If you’re PADI® certified you’ll have a head start with scuba diving, otherwise you can get your certification once you get there. Some of the best spots are at North West Point, which is made up of a collection of dive sites, West Caicos (an uninhabited island) to the southwest of Provo, Grace Bay (protected by a barrier reef) on the north end of Provo, French Cay (uninhabited island) to the south of Provo, and Salt Cay. Attractions at Salt Cay include a shipwreck, caverns, and the possibility of seeing Humpback whales during migration season. Grand Turk is also a good option for diving, particularly The Columbus National Marine Park, which features awesome wall dives and an ‘eel garden’. When diving in Turks and Caicos you can expect to see things like Nassau groupers, triggerfish, turtles, grunts, snappers, horse-eye jacks, lobster, crabs, angelfish, and more. At some dive sites, you may even spot barracudas and nurse sharks!

Free scuba diving? PADI® certified guests of Beaches Turks & Caicos can dive for free (max. two tanks a day, depending on availability). This includes professional equipment and professional dive staff. Non-certified guests can get PADI® certified at the resort for an additional fee.

15. Treat yourself at a spa

Beaches Turks Caicos Massage Spa

Vacations in the Caribbean are usually centered around rest and relaxation. While you’re there, why not take things to a new level where R&R are concerned, and sign up for a spa treatment? There are numerous spas on the island, located in and out of local resorts, which offer selections that range from facials, body and nail treatments, and more elaborate beauty enhancing processes. When booking your spa appointment, it’s a nice touch to plan your entire day along the same tone, with selfcare being your most urgent priority.

Insider tip: Many resorts in Turks & Caicos include spa facilities. Guests of Beaches Turks & Caicos will love the award-winning Red Lane Spa on-property.

14. Hike up to Taylor Bay Beach & have a swim

Taylor Bay Turks Caicos

Photo credit: Gaeta. J/Shutterstock.com

Taylor Bay Beach is a little more difficult to find than some of the more common beaches in Turks and Caicos, but it’s great for those who want a beach experience that is out of the norm. It is to the south of Providenciales and it takes a bit of hiking to get to the beach itself. Nevertheless, the peace you can find once you get there is totally worth it. The water here is so calm and shallow that it is often likened to a sand-bottomed swimming pool. There are no vendors on this beach, so you’ll need to bring along everything you’ll need for the day.

13. Search for beautiful seashells at Leewards Beach

Leeward Beach Turks Caicos

Photo credit: Jo Ann Snover/Shutterstock.com

Who doesn’t want to go home with some beautiful seashells after a trip to the Caribbean? Leewards Beach is a great choice for beachcombers who will find amazing things both in and out of the water. Some people who go to Leewards Beach say this beach experience can be compared to being stranded on a beautiful island out in the ocean, which in a space as beautiful as this can only be a good thing. All in all, Leewards Beach is a seashell haven surrounded by heavenly ocean, and it is also popular with kiteboarders.

12. Adopt a dog for a day at Potcake Place

Potcake Place Turks Caicos

Photo credit: Anna Hoychuk/Shutterstock.com

Maybe you were lucky enough to bring your pooch with you while on vacation, but perhaps you were not. As you take in the sights and sounds of Turks and Caicos, consider paying the Potcake Rescue Center located on Providenciales Island a visit. This shelter is home to rescue dogs in need of care. Even if you don’t plan on adopting for the longer term, you can stop by to pet or take one of the dogs for a walk, or even to donate to the center which is run entirely by volunteers.

11. Explore Mudjin Harbour

Mudjin Harbour Turks Caicos

Photo credit: Robert A. Metcalfe/Shutterstock.com

One of the main attractions in North and Middle Caicos is the three-mile-long Mudjin Harbour. The huge sweeping cliffs, caves, waves and the Crossing Place Trail all make for an interesting visit. It is probably not the best location for a family beach day though, mainly due to the huge waves and nearby grey reef sharks.

10. Go on a snorkelling tour

Beaches Turks Caicos Snorkelling Kids

You’ll find it near impossible to visit Turks and Caicos and not be even a little tempted to go snorkelling at any one of the exceptional beaches on the island. The beauty of the beaches translates undersea as well where you’re bound to make amazing discoveries and witness a world very different from what you see everyday above the surface. Apart from tropical fishes, you can expect to see turtles, seahorses, sting rays, and more!

9. Enjoy some seafood at Salt Cay

Seafood Turks Caicos

Photo credit: CourtneyWM/Shutterstock.com

On this snug island, there are about one hundred residents and just three restaurants in operation, namely Coral Reef Bar and Grill, Porter's Island Thyme and Pat’s Place. Nonetheless, the service and the seafood are excellent, and you can enjoy a romantic meal in relative seclusion. Vegetarians also enjoy this location, but it is best to make all your food requests beforehand.

Insider tip: Guests of all-inclusive resort Beaches Turks & Caicos can eat unlimited seafood at one of its 21 (!) high-quality restaurants on-property.

8. Dive with sharks

Shark Diving Turks Caicos

Photo credit: Eric Carlander/Shutterstock.com

Shark diving among the coral reefs may sound scary, but it is very exhilarating. During this experience you will get to see stingrays, groupers and turtles as you dive into the calm, clear waters. Shark week is recognized in July, so you may want to keep that in mind when booking your stay in Turks & Caicos.

7. Take the kids to Pirates Island waterpark & try out the surf simulator

Beaches Turks Caicos Water Activities Surf

Pirates Island waterpark is one of the largest water parks in the Caribbean, featuring nine (!) water slides, a lazy river, water cannons and a surf simulator. The FlowRider surf simulator is a great way to switch things up a bit at the beach or the pool. Have some fun and ride some waves, by laying down flat or propping yourself up on your knees.

This waterpark can only be accessed by guests of all-inclusive resort Beaches Turks & Caicos. On top of unlimited free (alcoholic) drinks and gourmet food, guests at this resort get unlimited free access to Pirates Island waterpark.

6. Have a cold beer at Turks Head Brewery

Turks Head Brewery Turks Caicos

Photo credit: Brent Hofacker/Shutterstock.com

This brewery, which is the only one of its kind in Turks and Caicos, began producing its beer in 2001. Island Hopping Ale (IPA), Turks Head Amber, a light lager known as Turks Head Lite and Turks Head Lager are the main varieties that are produced on site. Materials from countries such as New Zealand and the United States are used to inspire the flavours and the seasonal beer that is also made. Get a sample of it at any local liquor store or supermarket or take a tour of the brewery to see the production cycle first-hand.

5. Rent a Vespa scooter to take a ride across the island


Photo credit: Nazar Skladanyi/Shutterstock.com

Hop onto a Vespa scooter or a bike of your choice to embark on a 3 to 4-hour tour around some of the best locations in Providenciales. Paradise Scooters Turks and Caicos offers a package deal that includes insurance and headgear, a tour with a local guide and lunch at a local beach restaurant, “Da Conch Shack.”

4. Ride a horse on the beach

Turks Caicos Beach Horse

Photo credit: Jo Ann Snover/Shutterstock.com

Riding on horseback on the beach is an enjoyable way of experiencing the beauty of the island and sea all in one trip. Saddle up your horse for a beach stroll and ride into the water for some more fun! The stables at Blue Hill beach are great to begin with. Provo’s Ponies, the oldest of its kind in the country, is also recommended.

3. Meet the Rock Iguanas of Half Moon Bay

Half Moon Bay Turks Caicos

Photo credit: BlueOrange Studio/Shutterstock.com

Half Moon Bay is a stunning remote beach, located on Little Water Cay (also known as Iguana Island). It is the home to beautiful rock formations and the endangered Rock Iguana. Many efforts have been made to conserve these animals, that share their space on the island with small sharks, crabs and birds. The Iguana Sanctuary can be accessed via a short trip by boat from Providenciales.

2. Go on a SNUBA diving adventure

Snuba Diving Jamaica

You’ll have a chance to witness coral reefs from a whole new perspective when you go snuba diving in Provo. Snuba is like snorkelling and scuba diving combined, except that it is much easier, because this fun activity doesn’t require diving experience and you don’t have to carry bulky equipment. You can dive as far as 20 feet deep to explore the ocean and its tropical fish, making the experience a lot more in depth than snorkelling.

1. Relax at a beachside bar in Grace Bay

Beaches Turks Caicos Aerial Beachfront

One of the best things to do in Turks and Caicos is beach activities, thanks to the white sands and crystal clear waters. Grace Bay beach is often described as ‘Heaven on Earth’ and boasts beautiful powdery white sand and crystal-clear waters. Grace Bay was voted World’s Best Beach, which is likely why it's one of the most popular things to do in Turks and Caicos. Take advantage of the many beachside bars that the island has to offer. While there you’ll enjoy an amazing view of the ocean, regardless of which seat you choose, while you sip on some cocktails and sample the menu.

Want to enjoy unlimited free cocktails on Grace Bay beach? All-inclusive resort Beaches Turks & Caicos is located right on this beach! Guests also get unlimited access to one of the largest water parks in the Caribbean: Pirates Island Waterpark.

Frequently asked questions about Turks and Caicos

Where are the Turks and Caicos islands?

The Turks and Caicos Islands are located in the northern West Indies surrounded by the beckoning bright blue seas of the Atlantic Ocean. Neighbouring countries include the Cayman Islands, the Bahamas, the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.

How many islands does Turks and Caicos have?

Turks and Caicos is home to over 30 islands, but only eight of these are inhabited with a total population of around 31,000 residents.

What is Turks and Caicos best known for?

Turks and Caicos is best known for its stunning white beaches and crystal clear waters. It has some of the best water activities in the Caribbean with a huge variety of watersports available. It has great year-round weather and it is a great tropical getaway for every kind of traveler.

Is Turks and Caicos in The Bahamas?

Turks and Caicos is not in the Bahamas - in fact, the Bahamas are approximately 730km away! There are flight routes offered between the two locations which take around 1 hour and 40 minutes flight time.

Is Turks and Caicos expensive?

Compared to many other Caribbean islands, Turks and Caicos is a relatively expensive area for two reasons. The first is that it is smaller than many of its neighbouring countries and therefore more exclusive with less mass tourist trade. The second is that many foods and goods are imported and subject to import tax. We recommend staying at one of the many all inclusive resorts to keep unexpected vacation costs down (including Beaches Turks and Caicos, home to an incredible 21 restaurants with unlimited fun for all the family).

Does Turks and Caicos have a nightlife?

Turks and Caicos has a few bars to enjoy at night, but it is not known for having a bustling club scene. If you’re looking for nightlife, why not try an all inclusive resort for your stay? At Beaches, there are nightly shows, cocktail parties, beach parties, bonfires and live bands to enjoy - so you can be sure of plenty to do and see when the sun goes down.

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Though many visitors stick to the mainland of Providenciales for their stay in The Turks and Caicos Islands, one should not neglect the other incredible islands that are part of the island chain. A boat trip is all it takes to pay a visit! There are many things to do in Turks & Caicos, but to enjoy this tropical paradise to the fullest, it can be good to plan some of the activities in advance. This helps to ensure you don’t miss out on anything you’ll regret missing later. It is our hope that this guide helps you to plan the activities for your vacation in Turks and Caicos, and that you’ll have an amazing Caribbean getaway once you get there, that is filled with special moments to last a lifetime. What is the best part of Turks and Caicos? You’ll have to visit and decide for yourself!

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