Rhodes Hall Plantation Jamaica — A Sure Thrill For The Whole Family!

Rhodes Hall Plantation is a fruit plantation in Jamaica that is still in operation. This historic plantation is part of an 18th-century estate and it is located on the coast near Negril. What makes Rhodes Hall Plantation truly unique and worth a visit is the fact that it is still a “working" plantation, unlike many of the other traditional plantations in Jamaica. This means there’s quite a lot to learn and see in this space.

The terrain at Rhodes Hall estate is quite diverse and there are lots of activities you can do here, anything from horseback riding to sunbathing on private, pristine beaches. Hiking amid the vast tropical greenery and crocodile spotting in the mangroves can also be quite fun! No doubt about it, if you plan on going to Rhodes Hall Plantation while in Jamaica you can expect to find something to do for every member of your family. For more details on what to expect during a visit to this attraction, read on!

Things to do at Rhodes Hall Plantation

Horseback riding

There’s so much to look forward to with a Rhodes Hall Plantation adventure including horseback riding. Numerous reviews highlight the horseback riding tours as one of the “must-do” activities here. Guests frequently express how their horseback riding experience at Rhodes Hall Plantation surpassed their expectations, providing them with an extraordinary and unmatched adventure.

Horseback Riding Rhodes Hall Plantation Jamaica

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So, what exactly can you expect during a horseback riding adventure at Rhodes Hall Plantation? Well, for starters, you can expect to meet quite a few of the personable horses here, particularly if you’ll be going with a group. There are over 70 horses at this plantation and when they’re not busy with horseback rides, you can find them lazing around and grazing in the hills.

One of the best things about horseback riding tours at Rhodes Hall Plantation is that the trails here are suitable for riders with a range of experience levels. This means that it won’t matter whether it's your first or 20th time, you can still enjoy a scenic ride through the hilly countryside, and even onto the nearby beach. Once on the beach, you may even be able to ride into the water with your horse or take a break and watch the majestic creatures gallop freely along the sands. After that, you can remount your horse and make your way to the mangroves. You’ll find a swamp in this area where the Crocodile Sanctuary is located. There are also lots of different types of birds and animals you may come across on this tour which makes the whole thing that much more exciting.

Nature walking tour

Up for a scenic nature walk? You’ll be in just the right place to do this if you include Rhodes Hall Plantation on your vacation itinerary. A guided walking tour here is both fun and informative and will allow you to explore the intricacies of this attraction. During the walking tour, you’ll make your way through the coastal mangroves where crocodiles are sometimes spotted. Have no fear though, the guides know how to navigate this area with ease. If you really want to see crocs though, you can venture to the Crocodile Sanctuary to have a closer look.

Nature Walk Rhodes Hall Plantation Jamaica

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The walking tour at Rhodes Hall Plantation will take you through gardens filled with fruit and vegetables, everything from coconuts, bananas, and plantain, to papaya, mangoes, pineapples, and much more. Going a little more into detail, depending on the season, you might also come across oranges, limes, cocoa, plums, avocados, tamarind, breadfruit, okra, tomato, cucumber, yams, ackee, carrots, calaloo, and even allspice. After exploring the fruit and vegetable cultivations, you can go to the fish ponds which are fed by natural mineral springs.

During the walking tour definitely take notice of the immense flora and fauna around the estate. You can ask your tour guide for more details on what you see as you make your way along. Most of the time, the guides are quite helpful to answer questions.

Hunt for historical artifacts

In the past, Rhodes Hall Plantation was primarily used in the production of sugar cane and rum. As such, there's quite a lot of history that can be found at this attraction. In fact, some of the visitors who’ve been to Rhodes Hall Plantation in the past rave in their reviews about the possibility of seeing hints of Jamaica’s history through the ancient artifacts that can still be found at this location.

Historic Artifacts Cannon Rhodes Hall Plantation Jamaica

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The list of historical artifacts that have been found in this area includes cauldrons which are scattered across the grounds -- these are said to have been used by slaves in the process of boiling down sugar cane. Several other artifacts have been preserved and are displayed here as well including an old cannon. If you really want to take a deep dive into history, you can venture into the plantation house where you can take a look at the historic photo archive.

Hit the beach

Spending some time out in the sunshine on a beautiful island beach is a must in Jamaica. At Rhodes Hall Estate, you’ll be able to do just that as there are a couple of private beaches here that are open to guests from the hotel and people with day passes. These beaches are ideal for vacationers looking for a more tranquil beach experience with lots of room to relax. The beaches within this estate aren’t ever really crowded, so this can be the perfect romantic escape or just a great place to spend time with family outdoors.

Beach Bay Rhodes Hall Plantation Jamaica

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Good to know: There aren’t usually vendors on the beaches at Rhodes Hall Estate. If you’ll be spending a couple of hours or the day on the beach with your family, it's a good idea to bring drinks (including water) and snacks with you.

Glass bottom boat and snorkeling

There are so many things you can add to a beach day to make it more exciting and this includes activities like snorkeling or sailing on glass bottom boats. Either of these activities can be fun for families as there’s quite a lot to see underwater in this area. Your choice of which of these activities to try will depend on whether or not you plan on getting wet. Either way, you’ll be able to see the reef up close, which is within 100 yards of the shore. Many parts of the reef are close to the surface, making it ideal for snorkeling. While diving here, you’ll notice there's a range of channels, sand flats, wall faces, small caves and crevices, and lots of vibrant coral.

Snorkel Rhodes Hall Plantation Jamaica

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Getting to Rhodes Hall

Whether you travel by cruise or by plane to Jamaica, Rhodes Hall Plantation is one of those attractions worth visiting. This plantation is located to the north of Bloody Bay at Green Island, Jamaica. This is about a 30-minute drive to the north of Negril. Though it may be easier to get to this location from Negril as compared to other parts of Jamaica like Montego Bay, it won't be too difficult to arrange a tour here no matter where you decide to stay.

In terms of actually getting to Rhodes Hall, some travelers choose the car rental option. If you decide to drive there yourself, ensure that you have all the information you need to stay on course. You can also go with a tour company which is a little easier as the navigation will be left up to the professionals. There are quite a few tour companies that offer day tours to Rhodes Hall Plantation and many tour packages include transportation to the attraction from your hotel or resort and back. Entrance fees for Rhodes Hall Plantation are normally included with your tour package — ask about this in advance to be sure.

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Essential info about Rhodes Hall Plantation

Opening times:

Rhodes Hall Plantation opens daily from 7:30 am to 5 pm. Tours usually get underway during these hours. If you plan on horseback riding while there, keep in mind that horseback rides depart at 9:30 am and 1:30 pm.

Ticket prices:

It will cost around $15 US per person to explore Rhodes Hall Estate provided that you go with the day pass option. This fee includes access to the beach and grounds but does not include horseback riding, guided nature tours, and other activities that may cost more. If you go as part of a tour, then you’ll pay a single fee for the specific activities outlined in your package. The activities that are included in tour packages vary depending on the tour company that you decide to go with.

On-site amenities:

With your entrance fee to the Rhodes Hall Estate, you'll have access to amenities including restrooms and changing rooms. These will be especially useful if you plan on going to the beach. You can also go to the on-site restaurant to grab a bite or some drinks while there. The restaurant here is a good place to try some tasty local cuisine!

What to take with you:

If you’re headed to Rhodes Hall Plantation, you’re probably wondering what to take with you for your tour. Keep in mind that what you should bring will depend on the activities that you plan on doing. Here’s a general list of things that you may need for this experience:

Comfortable shoes - As with any tour that includes walking and some level of exploration, you’re going to want to ensure that you wear comfortable shoes. These will come in handy, especially for the nature walk and horseback riding adventure.

Water shoes/flip flops - Water shoes or flip flops (perhaps both in some cases) will be useful if you plan on going to the beach while at Rhodes Hall.

Swimwear and towels - Make the most of your swimming adventure on the beaches at Rhodes Hall by bringing a towel (or multiple towels if you'll be going there with kids), swimwear, and dry clothes to change into once you've dried off.

Sunblock and bug spray - Avoid getting sunburnt and bitten by bugs by packing these two items in your bag before setting off to Rhodes Hall or on any outdoor adventure.

Camera - Photos are allowed on site so you can bring along a regular camera or a waterproof one to capture the amazing moments from your day at Rhodes Hall Plantation. Make sure that all cameras are charged and memory cards inserted to avoid disappointment later.

Bottled water and snacks - To ensure that you stay hydrated, it’s always a good idea to pack water to take along with you when heading out on tours and excursions in Jamaica. If you forget to bring your own water or just want to get extra, you’ll be able to do so at Rhodes Hall’s on-site restaurant.

Rhodes Hall Plantation: A fun day out for families

A Jamaica vacation is all about soaking in some sun and good times. All worries should stay behind at home or just fade into nothingness while you enjoy some of the amazing attractions this island has to offer. Rhodes Hall Plantation is among the most fun and comprehensive family tours available in Jamaica and the best part about it is that tours here aren’t hard to plan at all, especially from all-inclusive resorts.

If you haven’t quite decided where to stay during your Jamaica vacation, perhaps we can help. Negril is one of the best areas to stay in Jamaica for families. This is not just because this area is laid back and ideal for all-inclusive family vacations, but there are also lots of off-the-beaten-path Negril excursions that kids in particular will love. The weather in Negril is warm and wonderful nearly all of the time, so you really can’t go wrong with a family vacation here. Hopefully, your itinerary will include an unforgettable stop at Rhodes Hall Plantation!

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