Weather In Negril: Best Time To Go For Sunny Temps & Warm Seas

Ahead of a vacation, we wouldn’t blame you for keeping a close eye on the weather forecast. After all, you probably want to make sure your days spent in the Caribbean will be filled with plenty of sunshine. If sunny skies are what you seek, Jamaica is a great option. Negril, to be precise!

Negril is one of the best areas to stay in Jamaica. Home to Seven Mile Beach, Mayfield Falls, and some amazing all-inclusive resorts, there's something for everyone in Negril! In terms of the weather, you can get your hopes up for Negril. This part of Jamaica is usually sunny and even when it gets cloudy and rains, these showers don’t usually last for hours. This is great news for your tropical family getaway!

Warm and consistent weather means you can plan your vacation at one of the Negril resorts or other Jamaica resorts and expect good things! To help you get started on vacation planning, we’ve detailed what the weather is like in each month of the year in Negril (ocean temperatures included)! We hope this helps you transition into vacation mode that much sooner!

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What's the weather in Negril like in January?


The month of January is ideal for getting away from the colder weather in the U.S. and enjoying Jamaica's sunny temperatures. Daytime temps in Negril are typically around 82°F, rarely falling below 79°F or exceeding 85°F. Temperatures at night are usually around 75°F, and generally don't often fall below 72°F or rise above 78°F.

While Negril is sunny most of the year, there are times when it can feel a little cooler. One of those times is in January. Since January is one of Negril's cooler months, average ocean temperatures hover around 80.2°F. You'll still be able to enjoy the sunshine and rain-free days in January as this month has the least rainfall in Negril.

What's the weather in Negril like in February?


Temperatures in Negril are very similar in January and February. Daily highs will be around 82°F, and rarely falling below 79°F or exceeding 84°F. Temperatures at night mostly stay in the region of 75°F. Nighttime temperatures in Negril are rarely lower than 72°F or higher than 77°F. If you’re planning a family vacation in Jamaica in February and will be staying in Negril, bring a couple of options for lightweight, warm clothing to wear at night.

Negril's sea temperatures in February are slightly higher than in January, at 80.4°F. If you go to Jamaica in February, definitely take some time to relax and swim in the ocean. It will be quite the welcome warm winter getaway, and your kids will love it. Bloody Bay and Seven Mile Beach are certainly worth a visit during this time!

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What's the weather in Negril like in March?


March is one of the months when Negril and Jamaica as a whole are at their busiest. This is when peak season for travel to Jamaica begins. The good thing about traveling at this time of year is that you can pretty much count on good weather. On most days in Negril in March, the high temperature is around 82°F. It is rare for these temperatures to be lower than 79°F or higher than 85°F.

When the sun goes down, the temperature is usually around 75°F during the month of March, so keep that in mind if you plan to go out at night. Most likely, the temperature won't go below 72°F or above 78°F. If you want to spend as much of your Negril vacation as possible on the beach, you should know that the average seawater temperature in March is 81°F. March to early November also stands out because that is when you’ll find the lowest wind speeds in Negril.

What's the weather in Negril like in April?


As the months go by, the temperatures keep going up, and in April, the average high temperature in Negril will be around 83°F. Most of the time, daily highs don't go below 80°F or above 86°F during this month. In April, the low temperature is usually around 76°F in Negril and rarely goes below 73°F or above 79°F.

April, which is still peak season, is a good time to go to the beach in Negril. Around this time of year, there tends to be more things to do in Negril and more people in general. If you plan to spend a lot of time in the ocean in April, you'll be glad to know that the average water temperature in Negril during this month is a pleasant 82°F.

What's the weather in Negril like in May?


The daily high temperature in Negril goes up by about 2°F in May. So, the temperature goes from 84°F to 86°F. If you go to Negril at this time, it's unlikely that the temperature will be below 82°F or above 88°F. Though May isn't considered part of the peak season for travel to Jamaica, it can still be a good time to vacation on this island.

Daily low temperatures in Negril are usually around 77°F. Rarely do these temperatures go below 74°F or above 80°F. May is in the midst of Jamaica's shoulder season. If you're looking for a time to visit Jamaica that's neither the peak nor the off-season, this is an excellent option. A typical day in Negril during this month features an average water temperature of 82.9°F.

What's the weather in Negril like in June?


In June, the daily high temperatures go from 86°F to 88°F, with temperatures rarely going below 83°F or above 90°F. This is a 2°F jump as compared to the previous month, and boy is it noticeable. Most people, though, go to the Caribbean to enjoy the sun, so this will work out quite well, particularly for a family beach vacation.

Daily low temperatures in Negril are around 78°F. As you explore this charming town, you shouldn't expect the temperature to drop below 75°F or rise much above 81°F. This month, when the average temperature of the ocean is 83.8°F, you'll find it hard to resist diving into the crystal clear waters. If you want to have fun and keep cool, go for one of the all-inclusive water park resorts in Negril. These are great for kids and include Kids Camps and other fun activities. While the kids are having fun, parents can relax at the Red Lane® Spa!

What's the weather in Negril like in July?


With daily highs around 88°F, July is one of the hottest months in Negril. If you go on vacation to Negril in July, you won’t see temperatures go below 86°F or above 90°F very often. About 79°F is the average for nighttime temperatures in Negril. Most of the time, the daily lows won't go below 76°F or above 82°F.

Even though it will be hotter, there will be plenty of ways to cool off during your trip to Negril. If you stay at Beaches Negril, which is family-friendly and all-inclusive, you can use the many pools and spend a lot of time on the beach at this seaside resort. In July, the seawater temperature in Negril, Jamaica, is 84.2°F.

What's the weather in Negril like in August?


August is another hot month in Jamaica. With high temperatures of about 88°F every day, you’ll definitely need to wear sunblock when you go exploring. Temperatures in August rarely go below 86°F or above 90°F. Keep in mind that the highest temperature in Negril is around 88°F at the beginning of August.

Every night in Negril, the low temperature is around 79°F and rarely goes below 76°F or above 82°F. This is one of those months in Jamaica when you really want to get out and have some fun, especially on the ocean. During the months of August and September, the water in Negril is at its warmest. The sea temperature will be about 85.6°F on average.

What's the weather in Negril like in September?


On most days in September, Negril's high temperature is around 87°F. During this month, it's not likely that these temperatures will go below 85°F or above 90°F. In September, the average low temperature in Negril is around 79°F. Temperatures rarely go below 75°F or above 82°F around this time.

In September, it's still pretty hot, so it's a good idea to cool off at waterfalls like Dunn's River Falls. September is one of the months when the sea is at its warmest, so this is a great time to go beach hopping in Jamaica. This month, the average temperature of the sea will be 85.6°F. September is the least windy month in Negril.

What's the weather in Negril like in October?


In October, Negril has highs of about 86°F every day. You're not likely to see these temperatures go below 84°F or above 89°F while you're on vacation. On most days, the low temperature is around 78°F. Most of the time, these lows won't be below 75°F or above 81°F. October is the rainiest month of the year in Negril, with an average of 9 inches of rain.

A trip to Negril in October can still be enjoyable, despite the likelihood of a few rain showers. While this month isn’t part of the high season, you can certainly find things to do.

Water sports are plentiful at all-inclusive resorts in Negril, so guests may spend their days exploring new activities. The average temperature of the water in Negril this time of year is 84.9°F.

What's the weather in Negril like in November?


In November, the highest temperature each day is about 85°F. Most of the time, these temperatures won't go below 82°F or above 88°F. The lowest temperature you can expect is around 78°F. Anything below 75°F or above 81°F for this time of year would be unusual. The average temperature of the water in Negril during this month is 84°F.

Some people consider the period from the beginning of November to about the middle of December to be part of Jamaica's shoulder season. This month is the beginning of the holiday season which means activities and Negril excursions start to pick up. The weather tends to be pretty decent as well, which bodes well for a fun vacation.

What's the weather in Negril like in December?


Jamaica is a great place to visit in December. Most days, the high temperature is around 83°F and rarely goes below 80°F or above 86°F. Ahead of your vacation, you can keep an eye on the weather forecast, particularly on the low temperatures, which in Negril are usually around 76°F. Not many days have lows below 73°F or highs above 80°F.

Jamaica's busy season starts in December, around the middle of the month. At this time of year, the weather seems to be more stable, so there's less chance of rain while you're on vacation. This month is widely considered to be part of Jamaica's dry season. In December, the average temperature of the seawater in Negril is 82.9°F. Most of the time, December is also when Negril is at its windiest.

Liquid sunshine: Rainfall in Negril


The wettest month in Negril is October when there’s usually an average of 8.7 inches of rainfall. The driest months are December to March, which averages less than 3 inches of rainfall. These months are a popular time to visit Negril.

Overall, Negril receives around 62 inches of precipitation. In comparison, this is slightly higher than other Jamaican hotspots. Thankfully, when it does rain in Negril, showers are usually fleeting. When it does rain, it can be a welcome way to cool off. If your Negril vacation is booked during the wet season, there’s no need to worry as you’ll still be able to enjoy plenty of sunny days and warm weather. Negril has some of the best beaches in Jamaica and for that reason, it is a great place for a family beach vacation any time of year.

Best time to visit Negril for great weather!


Though there are months where you’re likely to have fewer rainy days in Jamaica, such as during the peak season months of mid-December to April, an exciting vacation is possible all year round. If you're looking for beautiful beaches, refreshing waterfalls, and lots of things to do in Jamaica with kids, it's always a good time to visit Negril!

While the wet season does get a bit cooler in Jamaica, this is in no way comparable to the weather in places with colder temperatures. The cooler months can actually be a great break from the sun for some families, especially those traveling with younger kids who might prefer this.

In terms of where to stay in Negril Jamaica, all-inclusive resorts are a great idea. The convenience of this option (with food, drinks, and fun included) at some resorts can help ensure you have a stress-free vacation. A vacation that's devoid of worries will mean that everyone will be happy, and you'll all get that tropical break you’ve always dreamed of!

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