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Cut out endless online flight searches or waiting around for the best deals and let us handle it. We guarantee no booking fees, the most convenient flight itineraries available, up-to-date flight information and 24-hour assistance. Enjoy the best in benefits and service tailored to your travel plans. This is your vacation.
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Regular price $124 per person if you buy land only.

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    Best Price Guarantee

    We guarantee the best prices available on your flights,
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    Never pay
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    No Booking Fees

    Exceptional service shouldn't come at a cost. Enjoy a gold
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    finish-encompassing accommodations, flights and 24-hour
    travel assistance along the way.

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    Choose from every airline
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    Full-Service Flight Arrangements

    We specialize in Caribbean travel. That means we have access
    to the widest range of convenient flight options and pricing to
    your destination. Plus, we give you the flexibility to choose
    from any airline on any flight schedule, help you check and
    select available seating, register your frequent flyer program
    number and more.

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    Relax knowing that if any changes are required we will handle it 24/7.

    Toll-Free Travel Assistance

    Whether you have a question regarding your resort booking at
    noon or had a flight delay at midnight, our specialists are
    ready to assist you with all your travel needs. We work closely
    with the airline to get you to your destination, and keep your
    resort up-to-date with your exact arrival and departure. Make
    one simple call to our free hotline 1-800-SANDALS.

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