The Sandals Earth Guard Policy

Sandals Resorts International operates one of the first all-inclusive resorts in the world to receive Earthcheck environmental certification, Sandals Negril Beach Resort (1998). This resort was awarded the inaugural PLATINUM certification by Earthcheck and continues to be a testament to our acknowledgement that the travel and tourism industry has the potential to contribute significantly to sustainable development in its widest sense. This is especially true for our group as we are making a specific effort to monitor the impact of our daily operations on the surrounding community and the environment. We have taken a leadership role and we invite the entire travel and tourism industry inclusive of our visiting guests, business and community partners, and any other interested persons to join us in this effort to preserve the earth.

The Sandals Group is committed to providing quality vacation experiences for our guests while we work to minimize the environmental and social impacts associated with our operations. These include, freshwater & energy conservation; recycling and reuse programs for solid waste & wastewater; reducing or eliminating the use of hazardous substances; reduction of greenhouse gas emissions; preservation of land and fragile ecosystems; focused community development and cultural relations; and the employment of qualified local personnel in keeping with our existing human resource policy. The environmental focus within our hotels also includes programs to minimize noise pollution and hazardous emissions where these are identified within our operations.

Each of our resorts is committed to implementing and maintaining the company's EARTHGUARD policy with management systems that effectively address the aspects of hygiene, health, safety and environmental concerns. This policy is our commitment and contribution to global sustainable development for all guests and team members. It encourages the support of our business and community partners as we strive to continuously improve our positive interaction with the natural resources in the Caribbean.

We have been on this journey since the inception of the company and the Sandals Foundation continues our focus on the environment, education, and the community for increased contribution to sustainable development in an increasingly threatened world.

Chief Executive Officer Sandals Resort International