Zodiac Vacations: What's the Best Experience For Your Sign?

Ever wondered what makes the best vacation? We’ve partnered with Astrologer Francesca Oddie to spill the secrets of the stars on what truly makes the best vacation - according to your zodiac sign. Discover your ideal vacation type, location, cocktail, travel buddy and essential item according to your zodiac sign. Read your vacation horoscope here.

Aries: March 21 - April 19


  • Fire

What are typical Aries traits?

  • Strength
  • Ambition
  • Natural leader
  • Adventurous
  • Determined
  • Bold
  • Impatient

Describe an Aries on vacation.

Aries want to be where the action is, they want to find the coolest new destination, the best bar and discover new trends ahead of time. Aries is the pioneer of the zodiac, they don’t enjoy being told what to do. This applies to choosing their destination and what happens when they arrive on vacation. Telling an Aries what to think, do or enjoy will turn them off. The best approach is to provide excellent service, suggest some potential activities to them, but then let them think that they thought of it!

What is the best vacation type for an Aries?

An adventure vacation.

The latest offbeat location with lots of action. They love to be independent so having a tour guide might not be the one! They are looking to book a villa and invite all their friends, go somewhere where they can explore, see the sights, hit up the BEST restaurant in town, stay in the BEST hotel. Anything where Aries are the first to go to hits their vibe!

Best vacation activity for an Aries?

An early morning sport! Or going to see a game - engaging personally or as a viewer with something that is competitive. Getting tickets to the match or going off on a day of exploration; no plans, following their intuition, seeing what they discover.

The perfect Aries cocktail?

Hot and fiery - a Bloody Mary.

An Aries vacation essential?

HAT! Aries rules the head.

Best vacation buddy for an Aries?

Sagittarius - always up for anything at a moment’s notice!

Taurus: April 20 - May 20


  • Earth

What are typical Taurus traits?

  • Stable
  • Calm
  • Patient
  • Consistent
  • Loves routine

Describe a Taurus on vacation.

Taurus is ruled by Venus, the sign of luxury. When a Taurus goes on vacation they are going for a rest, to be pampered and leave feeling relaxed. Who can masseuses rely on to be their best customers? You guessed it, Taurus! The best vacation for these folks involves soft sand, soft beds, delicious food, massages and lots of naps.

After a day of pampering, Taurus will take their time to get ready to look great at dinner. Ruled by Venus, quality matters to this sign. Taurus loves their home comforts, they take pleasure in their garden, or favourite tree that they walk past everyday. It will take something special to get them to move and they prefer to splash out on something special over a bargain vacation for a week in the sun.

What is the best vacation type for a Taurus?

CHILL and LUXE vibes all the way like this luxury beach resort in Turks & Caicos.
Organic food, incredible scented candles, big soft beds, fluffy dressing gowns. The more the marketing appeals to their senses the more they will be drawn to the experience.

Best vacation activity for a Taurus?

A massage.

The perfect Taurus cocktail?

Sweet one - a Cosmopolitan.

A Taurus vacation essential?

All the cosmetics, creams, their favourite pillow! Not forgetting ALL the home comforts and a soft cotton kaftan to enjoy walks in the sand.

Best vacation buddy for a Taurus?

Pisces - these two would BLISS OUT together.

Gemini: May 21 - June 21


  • Air

What are typical Gemini traits?

  • Perceptive
  • Analytical
  • Funny
  • Curious
  • Adaptive
  • Social

Describe a Gemini on vacation.

You know when you’re on vacation with a Gemini because they are excited and haven’t stopped talking all the way there!

Gemini’s are interested in everything, they want to see the city, hit the museums, join the tour guide, learn some facts and then spend the afternoon regaling the facts they learnt that morning. You’ll head out to lunch, hit up the beach and have a snooze before you paint the town red that evening.

Gemini is the sign of variety, they are interested in everything, want to meet everyone, know everything and connect ideas to form a great story. Their vacation destination needs to offer activities, be close to tourist destinations whilst offering legitimately great nightlife. If you / they make some friends along the way then it’s all the merrier.

What is the best vacation type for a Gemini?

Variety! Geminis love people, talking, cracking jokes, talking to strangers and making friends. They love to learn, they need to rest. A city with a beach is a great shout for a Gemini because they get the BUZZING nightlife but also some down time to hoover up information and read.

Best vacation activity for a Gemini?


The perfect Gemini cocktail?

Sex on the Beach - fruity, light and breezy.

A Gemini vacation essential?

Books, pens, paper, podcasts.

Best vacation buddy for a Gemini?

Aquarius - they are both friends with everyone!

Cancer: June 22 - July 22


  • Water

What are typical Cancer traits?

  • Stable
  • Loves routine
  • Traditional
  • Predictable
  • Likes history

Describe a Cancer on vacation.

You know you’re on vacation with a Cancer because they’ve considered your every need for the journey and what you might need when you get there. This includes packing your favourite snack.

Security is one of the ultimate values for Cancers so their vacation destination needs to provide them with that sense of home so that they can transport their nest from one location to another.

Cancers sometimes benefit from having a rest from cooking and looking after other people, but really their identity is bound up in looking after other people so a chance to light up the BBQ in a rented villa brings a sense of aliveness like no other. That being said, a week in a hotel being wined and dined offers a chance to rest and remember how much they love the daily grind.

What is the best vacation type for a Cancer?

Vacation with the family! A family villa is perfect for Cancers. Failing that, staying in a family run complex, or a hotel that has “that family feel” and when you stay at that place the brand garners “a sense of belonging”. A family villa on an island somewhere in the Caribbean would be perfect.

Best vacation activity for a Cancer?

Lunch with family on the beach.

The perfect Cancer cocktail?

A milky White Russian - Cancers love dairy.

A Cancer vacation essential?

Security things - like a money belt. Travellers cheques - very retro. Padlocks. Anything “Mom would have” - ear plugs, sweets for the plane, coloring books for children. And a bikini of course!

Best vacation buddy for a Cancer?


Leo: July 23 - August 22


  • Fire

What are typical Leo traits?

  • Bold
  • Warm
  • Loving
  • Showman
  • Charismatic
  • Confident
  • Proud

Describe a Leo on vacation.

Leo is here for the high life. Their ultimate vacation destination has to be the latest hotspot in town. They want fun, parties and all the glamour. Leo rules the heart and these folks are some of the most generous and big hearted around.

Whoever goes on vacation with a Leo is in for a treat. They are the most generous in town! They will treat you to a new outfit, buy you dinner and buy drinks for the stranger on the next table.

What is the best vacation type for a Leo?

Anywhere they can strut and show off! Live the high life, go to shows, glamorous parties, or just quietly enjoy QUALITY and feel appreciated whilst enjoying epic service. A glamorous city break would be ideal.

Best vacation activity for a Leo?

A beach party!

The perfect Leo cocktail?

SUPER SNAZZY - colorful with all the colors, gold gold gold!

A Leo vacation essential?

Gold bag, gold jewellery, gold shimmer sun tan lotion, gold shimmer lip balm.

Best vacation buddy for a Leo?


Virgo: August 23 - September 22


  • Earth

What are typical Virgo traits?

  • Perfectionist
  • Organized
  • Intelligent
  • Introverted
  • Service orientated

Describe a Virgo on vacation.

A Virgo may well be anxious on the way to the airport, and it might take them a few days to settle into the vacation but it will do their nerves the world of good!

Find them at a health retreat, perhaps even a yoga retreat where their mind that constantly shifts for information has a chance to breathe, slow down and recalibrate. If they are on for a family vacation then you may find them in a lovely, quality but not flashy hotel. Virgo is the ultimate bargain hunter and they will hold out for a great deal to get the most bang for their buck. Out of season vacations, last minute flight deals and staying at their friend’s cousin’s holiday home are all Virgo style.

What is the best vacation type for a Virgo?

Somewhere clean that they can still keep up their great health routine. They aren’t interested in anything ostentatious - they love quiet quality, good facilities in the hotel. Something that leaves them feeling rested and restored from the responsibilities of their daily life. A wellness retreat would be perfect for a Virgo.

Best vacation activity for a Virgo?

Yoga Retreat / Health and Wellness Retreat.

The perfect Virgo cocktail?

A yummy mocktail.

A Virgo vacation essential?

First aid kit.

Best vacation buddy for a Virgo?

Cancer - they can both be cautious together!

Libra: September 23 - October 23


  • Air

What are typical Libra traits?

  • Organized
  • Craves variety
  • Inspired
  • Resourceful
  • Cultured

Describe a Libra on vacation.

What do you want to do for dinner?

“I don’t mind!”

A Libra will love all-inclusive resorts. They will accompany you on an easy vacation because they are so easygoing. They might agree to a few trips to museums, they are here for the culture, but they love to rest and want an easy time. Looking beautiful by the pool with a glass of rosé is more their style.

Libra is the archetypal cultured individual who has read up, packed well and intends on calmly soaking up their well planned vacation, taking fantastic photos along the way.

What is the best vacation type for a Libra?

Luxe! Beautiful refined environment where “the people are lovely” and everyone has impeccable manners. EXCELLENT SERVICE is very important to the Libra. Flowers in the room, little details. A place of art and culture; a culture-filled city break.

Best vacation activity for a Libra?

Painting the scenes, then live music, open mic nights and karaoke.

The perfect Libra cocktail?


A Libra vacation essential?

Makeup bag! Mirror. Paint Kit.

Best vacation buddy for a Libra?


Scorpio: October 24 - November 21


  • Water

What are typical Scorpio traits?

  • Ability to read people
  • Social
  • Private
  • Popular

Describe a Scorpio on vacation.

Scorpio loves to be in control, some say they are “Cancer in an apron!” So what does a Scorpio seek on their vacation? Action, adventure and making plans that others will love.

Scorpios seem to love surfing, there’s something about the water, the danger, the adrenaline that bends the seemingly contrary qualities of Scorpio into one activity. They are sensitive to their environment; not unflinching in the face of cold water and strong waves. A water park resort would be a great option for them.

Your Scorpio friend will be found up early before the rest of the world has had their first cup of coffee. They are in the water all year round before chilling on the beach with a sandwich — Scorpio loves to “chill” . They want to be away from the crowd, alone with nature, having deep and meaningful chats on the beach and making friends to last a lifetime.

What is the best vacation type for a Scorpio?

Private villa, private pool, private anything. A surfing vacation would be ideal.

Best vacation activity for a Scorpio?

Hardcore party! Exploring a mysterious castle, caves or ancient building in the area. Scorpios LOVE surfing. Perhaps because they are a water sign and they are also a “fixed” sign, so that feeling of controlling the wave, or working with the power of nature could be quite Scorpio.

The perfect Scorpio cocktail?

Something fruity and fresh - a Passionfruit Martini.

A Scorpio vacation essential?

A pen knife for adventures and coconuts.

Best vacation buddy for a Scorpio?


Sagittarius: November 22 - December 21


  • Fire

What are typical Sagittarius traits?

  • Principled
  • Explorer
  • Fearless
  • Adventurous

Describe a Sagittarius on vacation.

It’s not uncommon for Sagittarius types to spend their vacation volunteering, teaching, and getting involved in communities where their comical personalities are appreciated.

The big vision of Sagittarius is to change the world, to preach what they have learned, to share their intelligence and enthusiasm for life.

In today’s modern world different cultures can be found in a neighboring city, but we can fly across the world to Australia and find something very similar. A Sagittarius vacation is as authentic as they come; total immersion into another culture, staying with local families and thoroughly learning about other people is their vibe.

A Sagittarius doesn’t vacation, they travel. If you do find them in a hotel resting their exhausted bodies then they will be thoroughly immersed in a book, traveling with their mind and not their body!

What is the best vacation type for a Sagittarius?

ANY — all. Sagittarius wants to travel, they want to see the world. They want a one way ticket. There’s nothing they don’t want to see and no one they don’t want to meet. Exotic vacations are perfect for a Sagittarius traveller.

Best vacation activity for a Sagittarius?

They will be there. The more “exotic” the better. In this case the definition of exotic is as far removed from their daily experiences as possible. An Island destination like Jamaica can help them get there. NEW ideas, different cultures, lots of variety. Total immersion in the culture they are staying in. Understand the people, places and food.

The perfect Sagittarius cocktail?

Anything fruity and flavourful.

A Sagittarius vacation essential?

Passport with extra pages, maps, notebook for all the adventures, ideas and philosophical insights garnered along the way.

Best vacation buddy for a Sagittarius?


Capricorn: December 22 - January 19


  • Earth

What are typical Capricorn traits?

  • Disciplined
  • Perfectionist
  • Workaholic
  • Leader
  • Martyr

Describe a Capricorn on vacation.

When the ultimate hard worker goes on vacation it can take them a few days to relax and settle into the vacation vibes.

“Relax” isn’t a word that chimes with them all that well because they are so focussed on being productive. This may sound counterintuitive to other people but if they have a set of “goals” for their time away then they will be able to fully immerse themselves into the break.

Capricorn is symbolised by the mountain goat. The early starts, bodily endurance, hard work and “view from the top” aligns perfectly with career climbing Capricorns. They work hard and keep their mind busy studying maps and planning tomorrow’s destination.

The element of status that goes hand in hand with skiing also resonates with Capricorn!

What is the best vacation type for a Capricorn?

Anything super active with an adrenaline rush - Capricorns love that kick! A skiing vacation is perfect.

Best vacation activity for a Capricorn?

Skiing! Climbing mountains, mountain biking. Capricorn is the mountain goat - Capricorn is actually a SEA GOAT - so water sports also fit.

The perfect Capricorn cocktail?

Mulled wine to warm up after all the skiing!

A Capricorn vacation essential?

Skis! Poles for walking up hills. A mountain bike. Other than that, they want order and structure.

Best vacation buddy for a Capricorn?


Aquarius: January 20 - February 18


  • Air

What are typical Aquarius traits?

  • Charming
  • Unique sense of humor
  • Convincing
  • Contrary

Describe an Aquarius on vacation.

A road trip is the ultimate Aquarius vacation. Where are they going? Nobody knows! But they will make friends on the way with people from all walks of life. They aren’t particularly attached to worldly possessions or comforts; Aquarius seeks knowledge, freedom and people.

Find Aquarius at a retreat centre working on reception for a month’s free stay, in a camper van, house sitting, house swapping or taking a trip around Europe for two months.

Aquarius wants the stories, memories, learning, connection and exploration, where they go needs to be flexible and welcoming.

What is the best vacation type for an Aquarius?

Something off the beaten path where they might meet people from different cultures and won't be treated like a basic tourist on vacation. These people are individuals and they want to think for themselves. They love learning and the future, so this could be hotels made out of glass, hotels in tree houses or perhaps sleeping in an igloo in Iceland. Anything that is unusual and interesting that will inspire learning - like a road trip.

Best vacation activity for an Aquarius?

Hiking off the beaten track during a lengthy road trip.

The perfect Aquarius cocktail?

A refreshing vodka with lemon.

An Aquarius vacation essential?

GPS, tech devices that help them explore, go on cycling trips, hikes, guide books, language guides so they can get to know the locals.

Best vacation buddy for an Aquarius?

Sagittarius - just as wild and adventurous, lovers of freedom!

Pisces: February 19-March 20


  • Water

What are typical Pisces traits?

  • Cerebral sponge
  • Large personality
  • Inward facing
  • Dreaminess
  • Emotional
  • Imaginative

Describe a Pisces on vacation.

Pisces are the artists and mystics of the zodiac, they blend in everywhere they go and will be happy snoozing on a beach, painting in a country meadow, learning traditional dance, meditating in India or attending to those in need as part of some charity work.

Pisces are compassionate and sensitive, keen to be lost in the moment or looking after others with their keen emotional intelligence. Hungry to learn and explore their depths it is healthy for Pisces to be pushed out of their comfort zone and benefit from the focused energy of people around them.

What is the best vacation type for a Pisces?

Yoga retreat.

Best vacation activity for a Pisces?

Charity Work or Yoga.

The perfect Pisces cocktail?

Campari with rose water - light and fresh.

A Pisces vacation essential?

SNORKEL! Flippers, antihistamine (massive reactions to bites and stings!) prayer beads. Wet suit.

Best vacation buddy for a Pisces?


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