Here’s Why You’ll Love A Visit To Treasure Beach, Jamaica

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Nestled in Jamaica, the heart of Caribbean allure, lies Treasure Beach—a tranquil escape. Its natural serenity sets it apart and promises a getaway where lush landscapes meet radiant waters. This wonderful strand aligns with other highly sought-after locales, such as Seven Mile Beach and Doctor's Cave Beach, as one of the best beaches in Jamaica.

Where is Treasure Beach

Treasure Beach is located on the south coast of Jamaica in St. Elizabeth Parish. A true tropical gem, this beach is situated within a fishing village, offering visitors an opportunity to experience the authentic Jamaican lifestyle.

Treasure Beach Jamaica Shore Boats

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Treasure Beach may be a bit off the beaten path, but it is definitely worth visiting. This popular destination is known for its stunning views, beautiful beaches, and seclusion. Many restaurants, bars, and hotels are also in this area, making it a convenient spot for visitors. The thriving surrounding community adds to its charm.

Beaches near Treasure Beach, Jamaica

Treasure Beach comprises four main coves, all of which locals and visitors love. We've included details about each of them:

Billy's Bay

Billy's Bay is a beautiful beach with a laid-back atmosphere. It's perfect for those who are seeking some peace or a fun day of surfing in the Caribbean. The sand at Billy's Bay is a combination of white and grey and has small rocks and shells. You can easily find a spot to relax and soak up the sunshine. Plus, the water is such a magnificent aquamarine color that you're sure to be tempted to dive in!

Calabash Bay

Calabash Bay is a popular spot known for its array of private villas, hotels, bars, and restaurants, all scattered throughout the area. This cove has a lively and fun atmosphere, and you'll often see visitors going from one beach shack to the next, either sipping on cocktails or exploring what the beach has to offer. Swimming is usually a good option here, but the water can be choppy on some days. It's worth keeping that in mind if you plan to visit with small children.

Frenchman's Bay

Frenchman's Bay is the primary beach in Treasure Beach and is situated near the Santa Cruz Mountain range. The beach is surrounded by lush greenery, making it ideal for those seeking a true slice of paradise while in Jamaica. The golden sand and inviting turquoise waters are trademarks of this beach and contribute to its popularity. Throughout the day, you can expect a steady stream of visitors stopping by to enjoy its beauty.

Frenchman Cove Jamaica

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In the Frenchman's Bay area, there are numerous resorts, restaurants, and shops to explore. One of the places worth checking out is the French Man's Reef Restaurant, which offers a mouth-watering selection of American and Italian cuisine and seafood, including pizza, burgers, and cocktails. Additionally, there are other restaurants and bars in the area that serve delicious jerk chicken and local soup specials, which you won't want to miss.

Good to know: The currents at Frenchman's Bay tend to be quite strong so parents with children (or anyone who cannot swim) should proceed with caution.

Great Bay

In the Great Bay area, there are several options available to enjoy freshly cooked fish. You can visit the Fishermen's co-op building or any of the beach shacks, for example. They have a variety of chilled local drinks, including ice-cold beer, that would perfectly complement your meal. The Lobster Pot, a highly-rated restaurant, is also in this region if you want to try some delicious seafood. It is a good choice if you're looking for a simple yet satisfying dining experience.

Great Bay has soft golden sand and clear turquoise waters. Though it is one of the less visited beaches in the area, you'll still find a few people swimming around in the warm waters on most days. If you're looking for a quieter and more relaxed beach option with great scenery, Great Bay can be a good fit.

While there, you can explore the small communities that make up the main town, each with its own unique personality. Or, you can just walk along the beach, savor the drinks, and have your fill of local cuisine.

History of Treasure Beach

Treasure Beach has a rich history that dates back to 700 AD, when the Taino Indians arrived. The Taino Indians were known for their peaceful ways and were the first inhabitants of Jamaica. They were also highly skilled in crafts such as pottery, carving, weaving, boat building, and farming. These traditions have been passed down for centuries and are still present in some parts of Jamaica today. Many of their artifacts, such as pottery, can still be found in Treasure Beach and other parts of Jamaica. Unfortunately, their population dwindled after the arrival of Spanish settlers and eventually became non-existent.

Good to know: If you want to do some more exploring while in the Treasure Beach area, you can take a boat to Fort Charles Beach, Black River, and Floyd's Pelican Bar.

Things to do in Treasure Beach

Go to Floyd's Pelican Bar

A visit to Floyd's Pelican Bar can be a delightful experience while in Jamaica. This floating bar made of wood is widely described by patrons as the "coolest bar in the world". The views of the surrounding ocean from this bar are breathtaking and should not be missed. You will need to take a boat ride to get to Floyd's Pelican Bar, but once you arrive, you can enjoy a variety of chilled drinks, including rum punch and beer. If you're feeling hungry, you can indulge in some fish or lobster. If seafood is not your thing, you can bring along your own snacks.

Floyds Pelican Bar Jamaica

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Boats to Floyd's Pelican Bar depart daily from Black River, Treasure Beach, Parottee Point, and other areas. While at Pelican Bar, you can become a part of its tradition by carving your name onto its wooden planks.

Expert Tip: If you're going to Floyd's Pelican Bar, be sure to bring cash, as credit cards are not accepted there. Both Jamaican Dollars (JMD) and U.S. Dollars (USD) can be used.

Enjoy the local culture

As one of the areas in Jamaica that encourages community-based tourism, Treasure Beach effortlessly shows off the authentic side of Jamaica. Residents support sustainable local development, and this will be evident from the moment you get to the Parish of St. Elizabeth and are greeted with the quirky sign that reads, "In this parish, we work, not shirk". This sign and the people you come across in this area really speak to the work ethic of the locals, which was imparted over 200 years ago by hard-working fishermen, farmers, and other segments of the working class.

Treasure Beach Jamaica Pool Terrace

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While in Treasure Beach, you can also visit the surrounding cays, which are popular for fishing. These little islands are enveloped by fertile fishing grounds, so you're bound to reel in something interesting. The fishermen in the area set off on fishing adventures every day and often return with bountiful catches.

Breds Treasure Beach Sports Park

Breds Treasure Beach Sports Park is a great place to have some real vacation fun. The Treasure Beach area has become a hub for sports tourism, and the sports park is an excellent addition to this drive. You can visit the park to watch live sports matches, including cricket, football, and sometimes track meets. Saturday nights are usually lively, with lots of music and entertainment in between live games.

The 17-acre Breds Treasure Beach Sports Park & Academy regularly hosts over 1,500 local athletes who come to play sports. During the summer months, the Academy hosts local and international camps that include coaches and celebrity athlete mentors like Venus and Serena Williams. If you are in Jamaica at this time, these events are visitor-friendly and can be worth experiencing. The Breds Treasure Beach Sports Park also has a 400-foot zip line and numerous tennis courts.

YS Falls

Visiting waterfalls is a must when in Jamaica, as the island boasts some of the most remarkable waterfalls in the Caribbean. YS Falls is one of these, and it comprises seven waterfalls surrounded by vibrant, green rainforests and towering trees that make the whole experience feel like something out of a storybook.

Experiencing the waterfalls at YS Falls can be a refreshing and immersive experience. While there, you can dip into a natural pool fed by underground and above-ground springs, which is a good option for children or non-swimmers. If you're feeling adventurous, there's zip-lining available right over the top of the falls and river tubing further inland, past a working cattle and stud farm. Alternatively, if you'd prefer to relax and soak up some peace and tranquility, there's plenty of room in the cabanas next to the natural spring. Bathrooms and changing rooms are also available at YS Falls, located at the ticket office.

Good to know: Certain areas of the waterfall have rocky terrain, so swimming is prohibited in those sections. However, there are other locations where you can wade and stand beneath the waterfall. Once you're done exploring YS Falls, make sure to check out some more of the best waterfalls in Jamaica.

Shop at Africa Village Arts

Africa Village Arts is a divine creative haven conceptualized by Sharon Martini and intentionally designed to be 'rootsy'. It is situated in Treasure Bay, Jamaica, an area that Martini considers to be the home of her ancestors. The space is designed to inspire its creator and those who visit through art, music, designs, paintings, and songs.

Treasure Beach Jamaica

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Martini is an active volunteer in the community, but outside of volunteer work, she can usually be found conceptualizing, sanding, sawing, singing, painting, or sewing. Often, you'll hear her melodiously strumming her guitar and digging in the soil. At Africa Village Arts, you can visit the Mud Palace Gallery, which showcases art of all kinds, including children's books, cards, original paintings, handmade jewelry, t-shirts, and lots of other souvenirs and gift options.

What to eat at Treasure Beach

As a fishing town, Treasure Bay offers a great opportunity to try some delicious local seafood. Many restaurants in the area serve fresh fish on a daily basis. You can indulge in fried fish, which is a popular option, along with a Jamaican staple called "bammie". "Bammie" is a traditional dish made from cassava root. Apart from the fresh, tasty fish and bammie, you can try some other famous Jamaican dishes here, such as spicy jerk chicken.

Jamaican Bammy Plate Food

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Overall, Treasure Beach is a lively area with an abundance of restaurants that offer amazing meals. You can choose from a variety of cuisines, including Jamaican, Italian, Thai, and Indian. Popular restaurants in Treasure Beach include Eggy's, Smurf's Cafe, and Jakes Country Kitchen.

When to visit Treasure Beach

The months of December through April are considered the peak season in Jamaica, and it's a great time to visit Treasure Beach. During the peak season, the weather is usually mild and sunny with fewer interruptions from rain. However, Jamaica generally has great weather all year round, making Treasure Beach an excellent destination any time of year.

Treasure Beach Jamaica Tree Coral Shore

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If you'd prefer to avoid peak-season travel, mid-November to mid-December is an even better time to go to Treasure Beach. This time of year offers an average temperature of around 80°F and prices for accommodations and activities tend to be more affordable during this period.

Good to know: Peak season is a popular time for families to travel. Ocho Rios resorts and Negril resorts have some amazing reviews from families with children. Both resorts are located in some of the best areas to stay in Jamaica.

How to get to Treasure Beach

The most convenient options to get to Treasure Beach in Jamaica are taking a taxi or renting a car. If you opt for a car rental, please bear in mind that the roads leading to this area are narrow and winding and have potholes in some places. To find out about the best car rental option, you can inquire through your resort. If you plan to drive to Black River, it's advisable to take the Pedro Cross route, which is the more direct coastal option. The road via Parrotee has several bad potholes.

Alternatively, you can hire a taxi for a simpler solution. If you decide to do so, ensure that you discuss the pricing beforehand and negotiate if necessary. It's essential to have this conversation before the journey begins.

Expert tip: You can plan a tour of the South Coast of Jamaica through Island Routes, a highly rated tour company offering more than 43 different excursions. To book a tour, contact Beaches Resorts.

Getting to Treasure Beach from Beaches Resorts

Travel times by taxi:

  • From Beaches Ocho Rios to Treasure Beach: 4 hours
  • From Beaches Negril to Treasure Beach: 2 hours

What to pack for your day trip to Treasure Beach

If you're planning a day trip to Treasure Beach, here are some essential items you'll need to pack:

  • Sneakers - If the beach you're visiting requires some walking or if you plan on doing some exploring or hiking, sneakers are a great accessory.
    Change of clothes - Since everything seems to get wet and sandy on the beach, it's always a good idea to bring extra clothing!
  • Towels - If you're going to a beach outside of your resort, bring a towel to dry off. You're unlikely to acquire one when you get off property, so this can be useful. Make sure to bring enough towels for everyone in your group.
  • Swimsuit - The most convenient option is to wear your swimsuit beneath your clothing, so you can simply peel off the extra layer when you get to the beach and go for a swim.
  • Cash (Jamaican or US Dollars) - It's always a good idea to carry some local currency when you're heading out of your resort to go to the beach. This can come in handy if you want to purchase drinks, snacks, or souvenirs. Credit cards are not always accepted by local vendors.
  • Camera - You can either bring a separate camera with you to the beach or rely on your phone camera. If you choose to bring a camera, make sure to bring a camera case or a bag to keep it safe and dry.
  • Sunscreen - Avoid sunburns by packing some sunscreen into your bag before setting off on your beach day. You can get separate sunscreen options for yourself and your kids. Sunscreen sprays are a convenient way to ensure that everyone is covered!
  • Water shoes - Water shoes can come in handy on beaches that are a bit more rocky. These protect your feet and allow you to explore comfortably. Water shoes are a must for beach and waterfall combination tours.
  • Insect repellent - To keep bugs at bay, pack insect repellent into your bag whenever you head outdoors. This is one item you'll be grateful to have!
  • Beach bag - Bring a big enough beach bag to save yourself the trouble of figuring out how to carry everything. A water-resistant option is worth considering.

Treasure Beach Jamaica Pelican Coral

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Expert tip: If you are planning to visit Jamaica for the first time, these Jamaica travel tips can help you explore the island with ease. Additionally, you may want to go through our Jamaica packing list and find out about the things Jamaica is known for.

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