Top 25 Spring Break Vacation Ideas For Families

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There’s more than one reason to love spring break! With the weather warming up in most places around this time and numerous destinations to choose from, spring break is the perfect time to explore. When it comes to destinations, from Florida in the U.S. to Jamaica in the Caribbean, you won’t have a hard time finding a unique and fun spring break adventure for your family. This list includes tropical escapes, city explorations, cruises, and even mountain and ski lodge vacations.

Wherever you decide to go, the key is ensuring there’s something every member of your family can enjoy while there. By the end of this post, you’ll be able to plan that ultimate spring break family vacation with ease!

So, where can a family spend spring break? Here are our top 25 picks!

1. All-inclusive on the beach

Traveling to a beach spot overseas is a popular option for spring break. Beach vacations in places like the Caribbean can be incredibly fun and educational for kids who’ll get to spend their time at the seaside, enjoying the sun and the ocean, and learning all about their surroundings. Better yet, if you stay at a hotel or resort that is all-inclusive, you can enjoy great amenities and even waterparks like those available at resorts in Turks & Caicos and resorts in Jamaica. Spending time with your kids in Turks & Caicos, Jamaica, Saint Vincent, or another Caribbean region is really one of the best options out there!

2. Ranch/farm

If your kids have never had a ranch experience or if they just love being outdoors, a ranch/farm vacation can be a great way to spend spring break. Let your best farmhand persona come to life as you and the kids take off on an immersive and fun adventure. The kiddies will have fun being cowgirls and cowboys interacting with the animals and working within the farm/ranch environment. You’ll also have lots of opportunities to bond as a family.


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3. Lodge

The mellow ambiance that is likely to come along with a lodge vacation will be relaxing for you and the kids as well. This can be the perfect start for a vacation that’s as serene as possible. There are plenty of options for lodge vacations including spa-style spots. These lodges are often in the mountains and, while there, you and the kids can explore and try fun activities like hiking. Bring a camera to capture the amazing moments that are bound to unfold!

Family Vacation Ideas Lodge

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4. Cruise

A cruise makes it possible to visit multiple destinations as part of a single vacation. There are a number of family-friendly cruises to choose from where kids can find entertainment and adults can find interesting and fun things to do onboard as well. The added bonus of cruise vacations is that you can opt for an all-inclusive voyage to help keep costs from spiraling out of control, especially if you’ll be traveling with kids.

Cruise Ship Grenada Caribbean

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Insider tip: Still unsure whether an all-inclusive resort or cruise vacation is right for you? Here’s how to decide: Cruise vs. all-inclusive resort.

5. Water park

Nothing says good times like a vacation with lots of time spent at a water park. Your kids can make the biggest splash during spring break at a water park near you or at an all-inclusive Caribbean waterpark resort. Beaches Resorts is one such family-oriented option. A Beaches waterpark adventure may include a chance to experience ginormous water slides, a lazy river, kid-friendly pools, swim-up soda bars, and so much more!

Insider tip: Planning a kid-friendly getaway? Here’s a checklist to help plan a family vacation.

6. Amusement park

Next up is an amusement park vacation - this is high on the list of things to do for pretty much every kid. The excitement will start building for your family amusement park vacation long before you even set off to go there. Feed into the anticipation and get excited yourself — there are plenty of ways adults can have fun at amusement parks too! You can choose to go to an amusement park for a day or stay longer at one of the bigger parks, which sometimes include hotels or resorts. Plan ahead to make the most of this vacation option.

Amusement Park Roller Coaster


7. Skiing

If your kids have never been skiing or simply love wintery activities, they’ll be thrilled to have the chance to spend time on the slopes during their spring break. You can opt to stay at a ski resort, giving the entire family plenty of time to do all the things they love plus try out some new activities. While at your ski resort, partake in various activities together, then warm up with some coffee or hot chocolate by the fire, and share your best moments of the day.

Family Vacation Ideas Skiing

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Good to know: A ski trip can be a good option for younger kids because there is often professional training available from qualified instructors at ski resorts. If you’re still not sure what type of experience to go for with young kids, check out these vacation ideas for families with toddlers.

8. National park

Looking for a good family trip? Consider going to a destination with some great national parks. There are quite a few inside and outside of the U.S., including the Big 5, Yosemite, and others. You’ll have your work cut out for you when selecting the best ones. The key will be finding activities that you and the kids can enjoy doing while there. As part of the experience, you can even camp out at some of the national parks to get a real taste of the outdoors. Some families love setting up spa-style retreats after going hiking in a national park, which gives them the best of both worlds.

Family Vacation Ideas National Park

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9. City break

Breathing the air of a new city can be just the getaway you need for spring break. If the kids are old enough, why not get them involved in the planning? Think of some of the cities you’ve always wanted to go to and have everyone vote on the one they’d most like to visit. During the discussion process, throw in some of the things you can do in each city like visiting parks, shopping malls, restaurants, historic monuments, and other iconic landmarks.

Family Vacation Ideas City Tourism

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10. Road trip

The mere mention of a road trip will have the excitement building for you and the kids as they get set for spring break. To start planning, you just need to decide when to go, where you're leaving from, and where you’re headed. Road trips are great if you’re looking for an escape that doesn’t require much planning. Create a budget and a game plan, rent out a camper van or RV if needed, and you’ll be good to go.

Family Vacation Ideas Road Trip

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11. Island break

Something about spring break screams island escape. You and your family can have just that, even without stepping foot outside of U.S. territory. There are over 100 islands (including Hawaii, Amelia Island, Washington Island, and Orcas Island) that can easily be explored if you want a destination within U.S. territory. Or if you want to travel somewhere a little more exotic, the Caribbean has strong appeal. In the sunny isles of this region, you’ll be able to relax, rejuvenate, spend time on the beach and take the kids out on cool tours!

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12. Lake trip

The peace and serenity of being out on the lake will make spring break feel much more like a true vacation. The benefits will be endless: the kids will get to try out kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, and canoeing out on the lake. As a group, you can even go fishing and hiking, or rent a pedalo or rowboat to make things more exciting. Your kids will be counting down the days to this amazing adventure, and you will too.

Family Vacation Ideas Lake Trip

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13. Mountain trip

Nothing says outdoorsy like being out in the mountains. From an elevated vantage point, you and your family will be perfectly positioned for some bird watching or even to score some excellent photos. Other activities you can get up to include hiking, climbing, and so much more. A lodge in the forest near the mountains can be extra cozy, especially late at night when you can all toast some marshmallows around the fire.

Family Vacation Ideas Mountain Trip

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14. Treehouse

Treehouse cabins are totally a thing, and your little ones will be thrilled at a chance to spend their spring break in one of these. Ideal for a vacation filled with endless adventure, you’ll get the opportunity to have some fun, Swiss Family Robinson-style. There are a bunch of treehouse cabins to choose from around the U.S., and you can select one based on comfort, views, nearby attractions and other aspects that you can all enjoy.

Family Vacation Ideas Treehouse Cabin

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15. Safari

A safari adventure is something that can be enjoyed by everyone in your family because most offer a variety of things to do and see. You can opt for a lodge and camping safari, a guided safari, or other options that will allow you to get close to wildlife and enjoy other cool activities in the outdoors. Wildcat safaris are especially popular and will be a sure thrill for all involved.

Family Vacation Ideas Safari

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16. Yurts/wigwams

Wigwam glamping is the new way to enjoy the outdoors. At camping parks in various parts of the U.S., you and your family can experience this for yourselves by staying in a yurt or a wigwam that comes with real beds, luxury decor, shower facilities, heating, insulation, and more. Renting out wigwams or yurts is a cool way to spend time in the outdoors and still have most of the conveniences you’re used to.

Family Vacation Ideas Yurts

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17. Lighthouse

A visit to a lighthouse can be fun, but actually staying in a real, working lighthouse overnight will take things to the next level. Kids who love the sciences and figuring out how things work will truly appreciate this adventure. There’ll be plenty of time for history lessons and also for some sightseeing. This option is best for families with kids (and parents) who are not s cared of heights!

Family Vacation Ideas Lighthouse

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18. Rent a place

If you’re looking for something simple to do with the kids over spring break, consider renting a cozy spot where you all can go for a change of scenery. There are plenty of options available on Airbnb and similar websites, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find a place that's suitable for a fun family getaway. Plan to go somewhere that requires a bit of a drive, which can make the whole thing a lot more exciting.


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Bonus: Spring break staycation ideas

19. Boredom jar

A boredom jar is definitely one of those things you’ll wish you'd heard of a lot sooner once you try it out for the first time. This is basically a jar filled with ideas that kids can use to stay occupied. You can use popsicle sticks to write your ideas for fun ways to keep kids entertained while employing the element of surprise. Rain or shine, your kids will find pleasure in their boredom jar.

Family Vacation Ideas Boredom Jar

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20. Be a tourist in your own town

You may not even need to leave town for an incredible vacation. Why not find a way to give things a fresh perspective? You can look into some of the fun things visitors like to do in your part of town, and then be a tourist for the day. You and your family will be able to visit some of the best indoor and outdoor attractions in your area — some of which you may not have had a chance to go to in a while. This can include parks, restaurants, and other hot spots. Anything within a 10 to 20-mile radius can be included.

Family Vacation Ideas Aquarium

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21. ‘Yes’ Day

Your kids sure will love an opportunity to have you say yes to all or most of their reasonable demands for an entire day. Pick a day during their spring break for a ‘yes’ day — as long as what they’re asking for is safe and somewhat reasonable, you can say yes. This can go on from sunrise to sunset, and you might be surprised at how much fun you have as they take you along for the ride.

Family Vacation Ideas Concert

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22. Spring break camp

Spring break is the perfect time to get your kids into a camp where they’ll be able to learn new skills and have fun throughout their vacation. You can choose a camp that is educational or just plain adventurous, with options for day and overnight camps. If you select the right camp options, your kids are likely to be happy and entertained throughout their vacation.

Family Vacation Ideas Camping

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23. Boss for a day

Boss Baby can be more than just a movie — at least for one day. During spring break, you can make a point of letting every member of your family be the boss for one day. As the boss, they’ll be responsible for selecting an activity the entire family has to do together that day. Flip this around throughout the week and enjoy learning new skills together, trying new activities, and getting closer to the ones you love.

Family Vacation Ideas Boredom Jar Biking Trail

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24. Camping in your own backyard

Looking for something to do that’s interesting and out of the norm? Why not go camping in your own backyard? This can be as simple or as carefully planned out as you wish, but the more thought you put into it, the more the entire occasion will feel like a real campout. As you all camp under the stars right at home, you can make s’mores, tell ghost stories, and even sing campfire songs. The little ones will be thrilled about staying up a little past their bedtime, even if just to watch the stars come out!

Family Vacation Ideas Backyard Camping

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25. Vacay at home/the ultimate staycay

Nothing says staycation like vacationing right at home. Now, we know what you’re thinking… isn’t the whole point of a vacation to get out of the house? Fortunately, staying home can still feel like a proper getaway when you apply vacation rules. Let loose on the routines, have late breakfast, happy hours for parents and kids, take-out every night, or even dinner at restaurants nearby that you all love — whatever you feel like doing, make it happen during your homey but unforgettable spring break.

Family Vacation Ideas Movie NIght

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The best spring break vacation awaits

Spring break is a great time for a family vacation, whether it’s just you and the kids or combined with your extended family. You can take the time to ride roller coasters, bask in the sunshine on a white-sand beach, camp out under the stars together, or try other family vacation ideas.

Many families find that all-inclusive beach vacations provide just the right mix of convenience and fun needed for an awesome spring break. Resorts that provide unlimited, anytime meals, snacks, and drinks with day and night entertainment, land sports, water sports, waterparks, and beautiful stretches of beach are an especially great setting for spring break!

Being away from home is likely to inspire the kids to go without their devices, try new things, and live in the moment as a family. Whether you choose an all-inclusive beach vacation, city exploration, or some other adventure, you’ll be well on your way to an amazing spring break!

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