The Little Kids Who Could: Take a Trip to Beaches with Gen Alpha

Ah, the sweet sounds of summer. Late morning giggles, the slurp of a popsicle, the sizzle of the barbecue grill complemented by splashes in the pool. And if you’re a parent to a Gen Alpha, they’ll be hoping for the lapping sounds of the waves and Caribbean breeze.

You may not be familiar with the term ‘Gen Alpha’ but if you’re a Beaches guest, chances are you know one; in fact, they might live with you!


While Gen Z and Millennials have been in the spotlight, this new generation wants their moment in the sun. In fact, Gen Alpha, those born between 2010 and 2024, is actually projected to become the largest generation in the history of the world, with more than 2.8 million people born weekly. We can’t predict what will be on trend when they come of age, like if skinny jeans will be back in style, but we can guarantee one thing – they will travel.

Ever intrigued by and invested in the latest patterns in family travel, here at Beaches Resorts, we’re skipping the middlemen (parents) and speaking directly to the decision makers (the kids). Recently, our team conducted a survey of nearly 1,500 people – with responses from Gen Alpha travelers (facilitated by their parents, of course) – to determine how these little explorers want to vacation, and how their interests are influencing family travel decisions. And what we found might take you for a spin – because while Gen alpha can’t book the flights, they are choosing the trip!


In A Beaches Vacation State of Mind

We learned that parents are increasingly considering Generation Alpha when booking trips, with more than 85% of Gen Alpha children having some serious input on where the family vacations next. Beaches reign supreme as kids want their toes in the sand, with 36% of little ones crowning the beach vacation as the ultimate getaway of choice. Lucky for us, we got that one down pat.

Further, more than 64% of families with young children take more than two trips per year – AKA, holding onto that airline status (we get it).

That’s not all, let’s dig a little deeper.

The little ones want a family reunion

Skip-generation travel boomed in recent years, with extended families seeking out opportunities to reunite with their loved ones in a destination all can enjoy. This has proven to be far more than a trend, becoming a bonafide travel mainstay, especially at our resorts built for families of all sizes.

We know now, this demand is not only stemming from the matriarchs and patriarchs of the family, but from the youngest among them – with 71% of Gen Alpha travelers noting they want to vacation with their grandparents.


We can serve this demand from groups of every size and stature, as we recently introduced new accommodation options fit for large, multi-generation guests. At Beaches Negril, families are invited to book the new Beachfront Firesky Reserve Villas & Eventide Penthouse Collection, complete with Butler service, spacious kitchens, private pools, direct actress to stretches of beach, and private rooftop terraces for unparalleled stargazing.

These new lodgings were not just built to fit extended families – though, for the 62% of respondents who require multiple bedrooms on vacation, they do – but were designed with bonding in mind. A worthy endeavor, as 55% of Gen Alpha and 70% of traveling tweens prefer to enjoy activities with their parents while on vacation.

Sure, the Kids Camp and Waterpark are a blast, but we're also seeing rising interest in activities like Sesame Street Sunrise Yoga, supervised off-resort golf clinics, and voluntourism opportunities like Reading Road Trips and conservation-focused scuba diving excursions.


Summer (swim) school is cool

Speaking of scuba, Gen Alpha wants to lose their land legs, with more than 53% hoping to learn to swim on vacation. Beaches Resorts’ scuba program attracts thousands of visitors each year, and together with Sandals Resorts, has completed more than 140,000 PADI Certifications for guests. That’s more than any other resort brand in the world. Further, Beaches Resorts offers diving courses for people on the spectrum, inviting families to complete informational online classes ahead of their stay, the first step in becoming PADI-certified.

For the Gen Alpha travelers too young for the deep sea, Beaches Resorts offers a number of educational introductions into the art of the dive, including the PADI Bubblemaker Experience, which teaches kids to scuba in a 6 foot pool. The PADI Seal Team Program invites guests aged eight and up to join a series of AquaMissions, led by trained professionals, learning to dive with flashlights, master underwater photography, and float like an astronaut. There’s also SNUBA, which combines scuba diving and snorkeling for the experience of diving with the ease and breathability of snorkeling.

The value of a Beaches vacation

The kids may determine the ”where to go,” but the parents remain the gatekeepers of the “how to go.” After more than 40 years in the business of connection and memory making, we understand that value is the most important factor in booking anything, as supported by 67% of our survey respondents. That’s why we work to continuously evolve and elevate our all-inclusive product to be the most inclusive, giving guests the most inclusions of any Caribbean family vacation.

Whether your next vacation booking is weeks away or months down the road, the gist is this — talk to your kids. Beyond a passenger, invite them to help map out the experience – after all, it’s the journey and the destination that counts.

Courtney Young

About Courtney Young

Courtney is a New York based writer and lover of travel. She is passionate about the exploration of cultures and the preservation of our planet. Her Caribbean destination of choice is Turks & Caicos.