Time for a Beaches GrandEscape!

The desire for grandparents and grandkids to reunite and travel together has never been stronger. It’s why Beaches Resorts is taking the Skip-Generation Vacation experience to another level and introducing a Beaches GrandEscapes vacation!

The man posing with Elmo has been wearing a swimsuit since yesterday. The woman taking their picture is still glowing from a morning spa treatment.

“He’s a little cuter than you, honey,” the woman says.

The subtle jab indicates they’re husband and wife. But grandparents? It’s hard to tell. They’re so youthful and energetic as they move around the cabanas and pools at the Beaches Resort in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, their flip-flops accentuating the pace of their steps. They kick a soccer ball on the beach, bite into warm cookies, laugh easily, and post pictures for Instagram — “stunning pics,” according to their envious followers.

The only giveaways that they’re old enough to be grandparents are the 8-year-old girl and 5-year-old boy who call them “Papa” and “Nana.” The sunshine and happiness at Beaches has enveloped them so completely that the four of them act as if it’s the first day of summer vacation — Papa and Nana included.

They’d forgotten how it feels to be so carefree. They’d almost forgotten how it feels to be together.

Grand Escapes 6

Head on a GrandEscape to create memories that’ll last a lifetime with the grandkids at Beaches Turks and Caicos.

Every time the grandparents pause for a photo with their grandkids, they present a living picture of the GrandEscape at the three Beaches Resorts in Ocho Rios, Negril, and Turks and Caicos.

It’s a turnkey all-inclusive Caribbean resort vacation specifically designed for the grands. It’s also Beaches’ resounding answer to the re-emergence of skip-generation, or skip-gen, travel where the parents step aside and allow the grandparents to take the kids away for a week.

Mom and Dad can stay home and enjoy a week alone, or book their own trip to a couples-only Sandals Resort. Either way, they’re assured that the GrandEscapers are having the times of their lives, breathing the warm tropical air, hearing the friendly Caribbean voices, and swimming in the most magnificently colorful ocean.

Grand Escapes 3

Cocktails and mocktails are always flowing at Beaches Resorts’ swim-up pool bars.

For more than a year, grandparents everywhere had been out of the picture, protected with a minimum distance of six feet, if not complete isolation from the family. They’d been among the 70 percent of Americans who dreamed of traveling in a way they’d never dreamed or traveled before. Craving the getaway or getaways and imagining the grandkids alongside them.

A GrandEscape at Beaches brings those cravings to real life, only more relaxed, more fun, more alive, and more purely Caribbean than they ever imagined.

Grandparents, more than anyone, have been suffering from cabin fever, pandemic fatigue, and social-distancing burnout.

Grand Escapes 4
Grandparents begin the day with their children and grandchildren by indulging in a gourmet breakfast at Beaches Turks and Caicos.

Health is wealth. And what’s a better investment of health and wealth than making extraordinary memories with the grandkids?” says Nana.

It doesn’t take an Instagram post to see that a GrandEscape at Beaches is the heroic answer to Nana’s rhetorical question. An island resort created for families with a powdery beach and the friendliest staff you’ve ever met. All the pizza and pancakes you could want. Soft beds and endless views of the sea. Snorkeling with tropical fish and dancing with Sesame Street characters. Playing on the golf course and in the XBox Lounge.

A place so friendly everyone says “welcome home” even though it seems a million miles away.

“We have a lot of help spoiling the grandkids,” says Papa, referring to the entertainment, watersports, and restaurant teams at Beaches Resorts.

Observe again grandpa’s damp swimsuit and grandma’s hand clutching a Margarita. It isn’t just the grandkids who are being spoiled.

Grand Escapes 5

Pictured here: The French Village Pool at Beaches Turks & Caicos.

Papa and Nana have been pool-and-sea-ready since they arrived with the grandkids at Beaches three days ago. The ease of a luxurious all-inclusive skip-gen vacation is one of the main reasons they booked a GrandEscape. Planning? It consists of choosing a stretch of five, seven or ten nights.

“Our only responsibility was to arrive and unpack the swimsuits,” says Nana. “Since then, we’ve done what we want whenever we want to do it.”

The kids sleep in while the adults make the first footprints on the beach. They eat bacon and papaya for breakfast and brick-oven pizzas for lunch. Grandpa goes down the waterslide a gazillion times and comes out of the water laughing every single time. They watch movies from the pool one night and party at a beach bonfire the next. When the kids wake up, the whole family will enjoy a complimentary Sesame Street Character Breakfast.

Grand Escapes 7

Elmo, Zoe and friends join the fun for a Sesame Street Character Breakfast, part of the Beaches GrandEscapes experience.

“It sounds simple, but there aren’t many places where you can say ‘it’s easy to have fun here,’” says Nana. “My husband and I like to relax on the beach and have a drink or two. We can do that. But we also want to actively enjoy them instead of watching from a distance. We finally have the time back to bond with our grandkids again.

This is why a Beaches GrandEscape makes so much sense in 2021. Grandparents of today have a higher-powered toolkit:

The energy. It’s often the grandparents’ ideas to snorkel after breakfast, play pool volleyball after lunch, and go kayaking before sunset. “We all have the ability to wear each other out,” says Papa.

The time. Moms and Dads are squeezed for hours, let alone days. Grandparents can get away for longer periods of time — without being interrupted on the lazy river by a call from the office. “We’re living in the moment,” says Nana, “and the moments at Beaches keep coming, nonstop.”

The means. Baby Boomers and Gen Xers are more financially stable than grandparents of previous generations. It bears repeating: “Health is wealth.” No one regrets investing in the trip of a lifetime.

The peace of mind. With the Beaches Platinum Protocols of Cleanliness in place, constantly disinfecting surfaces and maintaining a distance from guests, the only thing grandparents and grandkids need to focus on is spending time reconnecting with each other.

“We feel so safe here in paradise,” says Nana.

Most important of all, grandparents and grandkids discover right away at Beaches that they’re very much in touch with each other, with similar ideas for the perfect vacation:

An immaculate beach and gorgeous sea just a few steps from the suite.

A giant pool and waterpark a few strides in the other direction.

Fresh smoothies at the pool … wait, make that fresh smoothies in the pool. And two more cookies apiece on the way back to the suite.

Grand Escapes

A family poses for a Made for Memories photoshoot, part of the new GrandEscapes package only available at Beaches Resorts.

Smiles as brilliant as Christmas lights all day long, with Sesame Street characters doing the occasional prompting. Papa’s smile, in fact, appears tattooed to his face. The family’s joyful faces are captured and crystallized in the complimentary ‘Made for Memories’ family photoshoot, which provides three printed photos to remember their Beaches GrandEscapes vacation.

“My idea of an ideal escape,” says Nana, “is planning no meals, yet knowing that the pickiest grandchild will like everything served.”

So, the grand four can decide at 6:05 PM to have roasted duck a l’orange and crepe Suzettes at La Parisienne … and, while walking there, re-decide at 6:07 PM to turn instead into The Venetian for lasagna and Italian Creamsicles. Tomorrow they’ll eat French. Or maybe barbecue.

“You know the favorite word for grandparents, don’t you?” says Nana.

Yes. We do know. Yes, yes.

Can I go down the big slide by myself, grandma?


Can I ask the lady about her pretty Caribbean voice?


Can I have extra whipped cream on my strawberry shortcake?

You don’t even have to ask.

When you dissect a GrandEscape, the pleasure is cross-generational: eat, play, swim, laugh, ride, eat again, dance, and melt in bed to the rhythmic hushing of Caribbean waves.

One final question. It could be the grandkids asking, or it could be Papa. Everyone is thinking the same thing: “Can we make tomorrow just like today?”

An answer is not necessary. They all know, we’re free to make tomorrow whatever we want it to be.

Grand Escapes 1 1

Are you ready to bring your own GrandEscapes adventure to life?

The time has finally come!

Grandparents and grandkids can officially book their own GrandEscapes vacation at Beaches Resorts now through January 9, 2022 for travel August 28 - October 5, 2022 so they can catch up on laughter, make up for the time spent apart, and enjoy a great vacation made for family-fun.

All Beaches Resorts GrandEscapes vacations of five nights or more will automatically receive a special ‘Made for Memories’ family photoshoot with three complimentary printed photos plus the choice of:

  • A complimentary Sesame Street Character Breakfast
  • A Red Lane® Spa manicure for two
  • A ‘Kitty Katt’ Catamaran Cruise for two

Beaches Resorts is giving you a chance to win a free GrandEscape!

Does your grandparent have what it takes to become the next TikTok Star?

For the families with a knack for grand-luck and going viral, it might be time to test the odds and enter into the Beaches Resorts GrandEscapes Sweepstakes.

From now until November 11, 2021, Beaches Resorts will give one lucky Grandparent the chance to experience their own GrandEscape with a 5-night stay at any of the three Beaches Resorts in Jamaica and Turks and Caicos, plus a TikTok tutorial from the grand-influencer herself @ourfilipinograndma, whose TikTok followers might just rub off on one lucky grandparent-grandchild duo!

Whether you’re trying your luck at winning a Beaches GrandEscape, booking your GrandEscape for next Fall, or just can’t wait to get down to paradise and make your own “GrandEscape” this year - you'll have a grand-time with activities designed to bring your family back together as you reconnect in the most beautiful Caribbean setting!

grand escapes 2

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