Nine Mile Jamaica Tour — An Awesome Experience For Reggae Fans & Culture Enthusiasts

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Nine Mile Village is located in St. Ann Parish, Jamaica. This is an interesting place to explore in Jamaica as this community has quite a rich history. Nine Mile Village is the birthplace of reggae sensation Bob Marley, and as a result, many visitors make it a point to visit at least once while on vacation. Additionally, Bob Marley’s mausoleum is in Nine Mile Village.


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Commonly referred to just as “Nine Mile,” Nine Mile Village can be found a short distance south of Brown’s Town. You can visit the home of the “King of Reggae” and try to put yourself in his shoes by taking a tour of the village where he was raised. The intention is for guests to learn more about the artist, his music, and his background through this encounter.

If you want to try this experience while in Jamaica, we've detailed what to expect from Nine Mile Village in this post.

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What you’ll find in Nine Mile


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Since Nine Mile is the birthplace of reggae legend Bob Marley, this village has quite a lot to do with the upbringing of the young star, his general outlook on life, and his music. In Nine Mile, you’ll find the former home of the late artist and his mausoleum. All of the artist-related attractions in this area have been preserved, which means that most aspects will likely appear exactly as they did when Bob Marley was alive. Seeing the house where Bob Marley was born and raised is an exciting part of this tour. All of his former home's furnishings are said to be original with only minor "touch-ups" for preservation.

You can also explore the nature grounds near Bob Marley's home in Nine Mile Village. He is said to have spent a significant amount of time meditating on "Mt. Zion Rock." This is a painted rock, and legend has it that the artist would meditate there, lay down, and write songs. Some of his most well-known songs are said to have been composed here.

This is also the location where Bob Marley and his mother were laid to rest. Inside the buildings, marble structures six feet above ground hold the remains of Bob Marley and his mother. You’re welcome to enter and look around but you’ll have to leave your shoes outside. Some people choose to leave small trinkets behind. After that point in the tour, you will be taken to a large room where you can view memorabilia and information about Bob Marley’s music. There are several plaques here that highlight his various musical accomplishments.

Another thing you’ll enjoy about this tour is the view of the village from the house. The trees, in particular, stand out, and one can’t help but wonder what the artist was thinking as he took in these views on a daily basis. When the tour is complete, you can go to the on-site restaurant and bar. Traditional Jamaican food and drinks are available here. The jerk chicken, a signature Jamaican food, is frequently praised by visitors. There is also a gift shop on site if you want to buy something to take home with you.

Expert tip: If you want to enjoy the best Jamaica food and drinks as well as the most exciting activities on the island, the best time to go to Jamaica is between the months of December to mid-April.

How to get to Nine Mile Village

It won’t be difficult to get to Nine Mile Village while in Jamaica. This area is approximately one hour and fifteen minutes from the town of Ocho Rios, just outside of St. Ann Parish. Nine Mile Village is about two hours from Montego Bay and about three hours from Negril.

It is possible to drive yourself to Nine Mile Village, but this is not recommended due to the difficult drive high up in the hills. The road is also full of twists and turns. If you are not used to this type of driving, the best option is to book a tour that includes transfers. This ensures that once you’re picked up from your resort, all you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the scenery.

You’ll have quite a few options of tour operators to choose from for your trip to Nine Mile. These companies offer various excursions and one of the most popular ones is the Bob Marley Reggae & Culture Tour from Island Routes. Tickets usually cost $30 USD or $15 USD for children aged 7 and up to enter Nine Mile, but if you book a tour, your entry fee is usually included in the price you pay. Ask before booking to confirm this.

Expert tip: If you want to get access to the best tours, the best areas to stay in Jamaica include Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, and Negril. Ocho Rios Jamaica resorts are diverse and suitable for families with children, and there are many other Jamaica resorts to choose from, including family-friendly Negril resorts.

What to take with you on your tour of Nine Mile


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● Camera - While photos are not allowed inside the house or mausoleum, you’ll still want to bring along a camera to take photos of the scenery in the overall area.

● Shoes that are comfortable but easily removed - You’ll need to take your shoes off to visit the mausoleum, so it is best to wear footwear that you can easily take off and slip back on. Comfortable footwear is best overall as this tour includes some walking (through the house and around the grounds).

● A small amount of cash - You may want to bring some money to tip tour guides and other locals in this area who rely on tourism to survive, although this is not mandatory. You may also need cash to buy food, drinks, or souvenirs from the on-site gift shop.

● Sunscreen and insect repellent - Sunscreen and bug spray will come in handy for any tours that include the outdoors while in Jamaica. The majority of this tour is indoors, but you will still be venturing outdoors at certain points.

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Nine Mile Village: Walk in the shoes of a legend

Tours to Nine Mile Village in Jamaica are recommended if you’re a reggae fan or you just want to experience traditional Jamaican culture. As this island really is ‘the land of reggae’, this is one of the tours where you can get a better understanding of the origins of the genre through the lens of one of the great reggae artists of all time.

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