Reunion Time! The Best Multigenerational Vacation Ideas

Traveling with the entire family can be a blast. From simple trips with the kids to more carefully planned out multigenerational vacations, good times are definitely in store when a group of people who love each other embarks on a vacation together.

Multigenerational family vacations have become increasingly popular in recent times, as many seek to make up for the time that everyday life inevitably keeps us apart. Nowadays, many people gravitate toward vacations with several generations of family including grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins – all in the name of reconnecting and building familial bonds.

If you’re searching for ideas to help you plan the perfect multigenerational vacation for your family, we’ve got 12 fun ideas that will help get the ball rolling!

Without further ado, here are our top suggestions for an amazing multigenerational vacation:

1. All-inclusive family resorts in the Caribbean

All-inclusive Caribbean resorts are a great option for families who want to get together for a family reunion vacation. If you and your family haven’t had a chance to all be in the same space for a while, you’ll appreciate the conveniences of an all-inclusive vacation, which, in most cases, means as much food and drinks as you want, and lots of fun and entertainment too. The best part of an all-inclusive multigenerational resort vacation in the islands (aside from the endless beautiful beaches you can explore together) will be the fact that you won’t have to worry about expenses piling up along the way - everything is taken care of before you even arrive!

2. Water park resorts

Getting the whole family in one place for a multigenerational vacation can be challenging, but nothing brings a family together like some fun in the sun. Water park resorts are fantastic playgrounds for kids. The younger family members will have the time of their lives riding gigantic water slides and making a splash with water cannons. While the kids are occupied, the adults can have an awesome time too while reveling in the sunshine!

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3. A mid-sized city

Exploring a mid-sized city together can be a great option for multi-generational vacations as the hustle and bustle of larger cities can get a little overwhelming for children and older adults. Smaller cities have limited options for activities, so something in between is most ideal. Once you all have decided on a location that works best, it’s time to start planning some of the fun things you can do together in a new city. Be sure to include activities on your travel agenda that’ll be of interest to everyone, from kids to grandparents.

4. Camping or glamping


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Camping tends to be more fun in a larger group, especially if you’re planning to go to a faraway campsite. There are plenty of campsites in the U.S. that you can choose from, including scenic national parks. You and your family can choose between traditional rugged camping or trendy, luxurious glamping.

While camping keeps things simple with traditional tents, glamping takes spending time outdoors to new levels. In case you’re unfamiliar, glamping adventures tend to be more upscale with cozier and more luxurious elements than one wouldn’t typically include while camping. Whichever method you choose, being in the outdoors with the family will be a great way to bond and create new memories together.

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5. National Parks


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National parks are spacious enough to work for large gatherings - family-related or otherwise. The scenery and ambiance of these locations earn them some bonus points, as these elements can help set the mood for an amazing multigenerational family getaway.

As part of a national park adventure with family, you will get to enjoy nature at its very best, explore captivating landscapes, spot wildlife, visit historical sites and/or museums, and even go hiking as a group, if that appeals to you. Regardless of the national park you choose, this experience is sure to be an adventure that family members of all ages will love.

6. Villa rental

Villas are great for get-togethers and vacations as they can provide as much space as you need to accommodate your group. You’ll have more room for everyone in a villa than in a hotel room, and depending on the type of villa you choose, you’ll be free to enjoy the same conveniences that you would at home - possibly more! You will likely get more value for money with this option, as it’s usually more affordable than booking multiple hotel rooms to accommodate everyone in your family group.

Villas typically have a homey setting with living areas and kitchens, which can come in handy for cooking family meals. Some villas have their own pools and other inclusions that really give them an exclusive feel. Plus, a villa with a pool will definitely wow the kids in your group. All in all, the most important thing to consider when booking a villa for a multigenerational vacation is to choose one with some neat local attractions nearby just in case you and your family want to head out on a fun adventure together.

Picture: Combine the privacy of your own stunning beachfront villa with the convenience of an all-inclusive resort. This villa, located in Beaches Turks & Caicos, features three floors and four bedrooms, a full kitchen and a dining room, which make this a great choice for multigenerational family gatherings. You’ll not only be able to enjoy the villa’s private plunge pool and gorgeous views, but also Beaches’ water park next door. Just the setting for an amazing family vacation!

7. Cycling tour

A cycling tour is a fun activity to do together as part of a multigenerational family vacation. Consider this option at a destination with lots of safe and scenic routes. Active families, particularly those who love exploring, will enjoy a cycling tour most. You can attach smaller children who can’t cycle long distances to a bike seat or trailer attached to an adult’s bike so they can join in too. As your multigenerational vacation will most likely involve other adults, you can all take turns helping the little ones along with your bikes.

Expert tip: Cycling tours are always more fun with a knowledgeable guide! If you’re considering a trip to Ocho Rios, Jamaica, the Ocho Rios Family Bundle- Catamaran Cruise and Bicycle Adventure is a great option that combines a lively reggae catamaran cruise with an awe-inspiring bicycle tour through the majestic Blue Mountains.

8. Rail vacation


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A rail vacation is a great way to see multiple locations together as a family without having to leave your seat. As part of a multigenerational family vacation, you can select a preset journey across the U.S. where your family can discover a few cities or states in a single vacation. Everyone can kick back and enjoy this vacation option which can be fully customized based on what everyone would like to see and do. Family members of all ages will be able to find something to suit their tastes along your rail vacation journey.

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9. Genealogy based travel locations


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At some point in life, most people have considered finding their roots and returning to the place of their ancestors to reconnect with them in some way or learn more about where they came from. If you’re one of those people, you should consider embarking on a genealogy-based multigenerational family vacation.

This vacation option is especially appropriate for a multigenerational family adventure as you all can get a bit of insight into your roots together. To get started on this journey, you and your family members can come together to find the right location, whether from the information you already know about your family history or through online resources (if you’re not sure where your ancestors originated). Another similar option to explore the land of your ancestors is to travel to the state or country your parents or grandparents might have lived in if they ever resided abroad.

10. Ranch break

A ranch break will suit families who might enjoy ranch-style activities like horseback riding, line dancing, skeet shooting, and cattle drives as part of a family vacation. Kids especially will love the horseback riding available at many ranches. Some locations even offer riding instructors for those who aren’t very experienced and need lessons. Younger kids can get in on the fun too as many ranches have ponies that are easier for smaller children to ride. Be assured that this option is suitable for groups of family members young and old as there will undoubtedly be something to do for everyone.

11. Road trip


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The mere mention of a road trip is exciting to most people, and a road trip with extended family is likely to be even more so. The first step to planning an awesome family road trip underway is renting a car that’s big enough for everyone (if yours isn’t spacious enough). Pick a route and a destination (or multiple destinations) where there will be something to do for everyone, and hit the road! The best part of a multigenerational road trip is the uninterrupted time you guys will get to spend together. With multiple adults riding along driving duties can be easily shared between family members.

Expert tip: Get some input from everyone in the group on the kind of places they’d like to see along the way and try to include something everyone can enjoy as you plan your family road trip.

12. Theme parks


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Theme parks are an excellent choice for a multi-generational family vacation. As most vacations of this kind include kids, a theme park adventure will ensure that everyone is kept well-entertained. Kids and adults alike can take turns going on fun rides, meeting exciting characters, and spending precious time together. The kids’ smiles and laughter will melt the hearts of parents and grandparents alike, and leave everyone convinced that your theme park decision was absolutely the right one.

Multigenerational vacation ideas the whole family will love

Multigenerational vacations are fun and great for family bonding, especially after a period of prolonged separation. They’re not that hard to plan either (particularly once you’ve read our post on how to plan a family vacation!). Communication is essential to get the wheels in motion for a multigenerational vacation. Once everyone is on board to go on vacation together as a group, it will be easy to work through the finer details.

Once you've decided how you want to spend your vacation, you can decide on where to go. If you are leaning toward an all-inclusive Caribbean resort vacation, Beaches Turks & Caicos, Beaches Negril, and Beaches Ocho Rios are awesome options for your stay.

These all-inclusive family resorts eliminate much of the guesswork that comes with planning a vacation. You’ll get a ton of quality inclusions that will cater to every member of your unique family. The kids will love these Caribbean waterpark resorts for their multiple pools, arcade games, land and water sports, and anytime snacks and drinks. The adults will love the worry-free atmosphere, gourmet dining options, and relaxing Red Lane Spa. Everyone will love that it’s all included and unlimited!

When all the planning is said and done, you’ll be ready to take off on a multigenerational vacation together. Whether you choose to keep things simple with a theme park vacation or a road trip, or you go all out for an all-inclusive vacation, you and your family are sure to build closer bonds and create wonderful memories as part of this adventure.

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