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A momcation is defined by most as a relaxing break from motherhood (or even wifehood) for a short period of time. This kind of vacation is quickly becoming popular with new moms of one and continues to appeal to mothers with multiple children. In days long past, there may have been some condemnation around the idea of a mother getting away from her kids, even if only for a few days. Today, however, with so much emphasis being placed on good mental health, particularly for parents and women, most people are in support of the concept.

The bottom line is this: every parent needs a chance to rest and reset once in a while! Moms tend to need a little more of this than most. Mothers are the well-oiled engine that keeps the family dynamic running smoothly, and without them, well… no one really wants to imagine the pure chaos that world arises in a world suddenly devoid of moms!


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The occasional break is important for a mom’s well-being and state of mind. Refreshing yourself could also help you to become an even better mom afterward. You should not feel guilty for considering a vacation, and you may even be surprised at how independent and understanding your children prove to be during those few days that you are away.

Why do women consider taking momcations?

Mental health

Dear mom, how are you doing mentally? Do you feel overwhelmed, tired, and just bogged down with responsibility? You should know that it’s perfectly fine to get away for a few days to find your bearings. As strong as you are, and as great of a mother as you have proven to be, your health matters too. Speak up when you feel overwhelmed and discuss a getaway strategy that works for you and your family.

New experiences

Being a parent is one of the most beautiful experiences a person can have. Your entire life shifts with the birth of your children, and this is truly something to be appreciated. Even so, you’re human, and perhaps you’ve been contemplating some ‘me’ time. This means taking a short time away from the kids while another responsible adult takes over (daddy or the grandparents, for example). You can and should head off (perhaps with some close friends, family, or a combination of both) for an amazing and rejuvenating momcation.

A momcation can allow you to have new experiences that you would not ordinarily be able to have with the entire family tagging along. This could be something as simple as a spa holiday or as all-encompassing as exploring the intricacies that make Milan the fashion capital of the world.


Aside from being a mom, do you remember what it felt like to be just you? It’s not selfish to think of yourself as a solo entity, even if only for a moment as you get in touch with yourself again. Who are you, and where are you headed? What do you need to do to be better and to make more valuable contributions to your life and to those around you? There are definite benefits to taking a break in order to reconnect with yourself and to rediscover your identity outside of being a mom.

To catch up on sleep

Some moms literally don’t remember what a good night of sleep feels like because they haven’t had one since their kids were born. Moms with newborns know this pain all too well, but most accept it as a sacrifice that comes with the territory. There is only so much that your body can go through before it needs a break. Even a short weekend getaway can leave you feeling super refreshed!

Expert tip: If a good night’s sleep is all you really need to get back in top shape, a resort such as Beaches Resorts, which offers certified nanny services, can help you get what you need without you worrying about leaving your little one(s) behind. Yup, you heard right. A momcation is possible with the kids present (if you absolutely must)!

To help with weaning

Many new moms have reported that taking a trip once they are nearly through with their breastfeeding goals has made it easier to wean their baby off breast milk. For some, this is around the six-month or one-year mark, and for others, it’s much later. This kind of getaway may require you to be gone for at least one week, which can be difficult. If you’re completely done with breastfeeding though, the result can be worth it in the end. The timeframe for weaning varies from child to child, but many mothers have reported positive experiences from being away for as little as a weekend to up to two weeks or more.

Momcation destination ideas

There are lots of great places you can go for your momcation, but it is best to consider the experiences you want to have before choosing the ideal holiday spot. Here are our top ideas for a great momcation trip:

1. Caribbean beach vacation

Trek to the Caribbean and enjoy an eventful beach vacation on the islands of The Bahamas, Jamaica, or Turk & Caicos. There you’ll be able to try various water sports or simply soak in the sun from the comfort of your beach towel on a sandy shore. If you stay at an all-inclusive resort like Beaches or Sandals, you’ll have plenty of resort activities and dining options at your disposal. Leave your Caribbean beach vacation feeling refreshed, whole, and with a pretty amazing tan!

2. Spa escape

Enjoy a luxurious spa vacation and reap the benefits of a variety of therapeutic spa treatments. Try the Red Lane® Spa at Beaches Resorts in the Caribbean, which offers treatments like the Night Blooming Jasmine Massage, Velvety Lemon Body Polish, or the Happy Hour Mani & Pedi. These signature treatments were created to engage the senses and give you a chance to decompress and soothe your entire being.

3. The adventure seeker

Some of the best places in the world for an adventurous vacation are South Walton in Florida, the Swiss Alps, and Diamond Highlands, Brazil, but there are many more options to consider depending on how far you want to go and how much time you have on your hands. The world is your oyster as far as adventure is concerned, and you’ll be able to tweak your momcation to suit your interests, ensuring you get your fill of adventure.

4. Yoga retreat

Yoga is great for helping you find your center, and it is super fun too! Call up your girlfriends (a.k.a. your other mom friends) and start planning the ultimate yoga weekend. If you can get away for longer, why not make it a 5-day to one-week trip to somewhere relaxing? There are dedicated health and wellness resorts that offer a variety of yoga styles, in addition to other activities, all centered around mindfulness and being your best self.

5. Vegas weekend thrill

Willing to forgo peace and quiet in favor of an opportunity to recapture your youth? Do it big and head to Vegas. You can check out the casinos, even if you don’t plan on gambling, or discover the endless tantalizing secrets of the 4.2-mile Las Vegas Strip. You should bring a full squad along for this kind of experience. It would be the ideal trip if you also have a cause for a celebration!

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6. Cottage hideaway

Escape to a faraway cottage with your pals for a few days and have some good ol’ R&R. Choose between a traditional or non-traditional venue in places like Cornwall, England, or Ontario, Canada. You’ll be able to enjoy a laid-back setting and you can even stay at a cottage overlooking the water if Canada is your pick. Right on the lakefront, you’ll be able to go canoeing, or hiking into a nearby forest. During your cottage holiday, you won’t have to think about schedules or noise, just unwinding and breathing in the crisp, fresh air.

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Need more convincing?

What benefits can you reap from going on a momcation?

You’ll get a vacation from your full-time job - motherhood

Stay-at-home moms, especially, understand that being a mom is a full-time job. Even while your kids are at school, chances are you have a full list of mom things to do, including laundry, cleaning up, and maybe even volunteering at school. For working moms who practically leave one job to head to another, motherhood can be particularly challenging, even if you love your kids to bits. If you’ve been fantasizing about getting some time to yourself, a momcation is just what you need.

It allows your spouse or supporting caregiver to spend some time in your shoes

You are a supermom! Unfortunately, those around you may not always understand the true extent of that until they experience it firsthand. Hand over that ginormous to-do list, pack your bags, and give your spouse a few days to take the reins. You may return to find your entire family eternally grateful for all that you do, along with admissions that they never really realized how much you did in the first place.

There will be great bonding opportunities for your family

Things will be different without you around for a few days, but it won’t all be bad. You may even find that your family, particularly the kids will have bonding opportunities they might not have had otherwise. They may even stop fighting long enough to actually hear each other out, and realize that dad is just as good at doing some of the things mom can. You’ll always be irreplaceable, but your being away for a few days will definitely put some things into perspective for your family.

You will rediscover ‘you’

You are more than just a mom and always have been. That wild, vivacious, free-spirited woman still lives within you, and some time away will help you to recapture that. Spend some time in your own head, doing things you love without thinking about anyone else. Be as self-indulgent as possible! Only having to think about yourself for a few days will remind you of all things you’ve forgotten to enjoy.

There’s nothing quite like the return

Never will you be more excited to see your family than after you return from your momcation, and they’re sure to have missed you just as much. It’ll be pure bliss when you and your family reunite, hop in the car, and get set for that familiar car ride home. Don’t forget to savor the smiles.

The reality of momcations

It can be difficult to travel without your children, especially for new moms who have never spent a night away from their kids. Sometimes traveling without your children is unavoidable, and as long as you’ve left them in good hands, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. We hope the below, as confirmed by real-life moms, will help convince you that the world will not end if you decide to go on a momcation:

What you imagine may happen:

  1. Your family will spontaneously combust the moment you walk out the door.
  2. Your kids will cry every day until your return.
  3. You will cry every day until your return.
  4. You won’t be able to sleep or even enjoy your vacation.

What may actually be the result:

  1. Your family will be very supportive of your need for a short break.
  2. Your kids might surprise you (maybe even to tears) with their independence in the few days you are away. You may even find changes in their emotional maturity and cognitive abilities (not bad, right?).
  3. You will probably shed a few tears if this is your first time away, but your children and their resilience will likely shock those tears away.
  4. You will probably have the best sleep (and time) of your life. Who knew sleep could feel this good?!

The consensus: Take that momcation!

Since you won’t need to fret about your kids, you should make sure you don’t end up worrying about anything else on your momcation. By staying at an all-inclusive resort like Beaches Negril, Beaches Ocho Rios, or Beaches Turks & Caicos, you’ll enjoy unlimited gourmet meals, premium drinks, and anytime snacks. It will be nice to be catered to for once!

At these resorts, you can also combine three of the best momcation destinations into one awesome trip! They all sit on a gorgeous stretch of white-sand beach, putting the beauty of the Caribbean within arm’s reach, and their Red Lane Spas will be just what you need for optimum rest and rejuvenation. Plus, you’ll have loads of opportunities for adventure with included activities like land and water sports, snorkeling, and scuba diving (for certified divers).

You are a mom, and you will always hold that special place in your kids’ lives and their hearts. Sure, they will miss you, but your absence may just give them more room to appreciate you. So go ahead and plan that momcation with the knowledge that your kids will absolutely still love you when you return!

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