Fun Ways To Reveal A Surprise Beach Vacation That Your Kids Won’t See Coming

Vacations are fun no matter how you go about planning them, but, at least once in a lifetime, you should attempt a surprise beach vacation! Whether you’ll be going on vacation with your kids, friends, extended family, or the love of your life, you can make this trip as exciting for them as it is for you by trying out these fun surprises.

Ready to get your unforgettable beach vacation surprise underway? Read on for 11 great ways to reveal a surprise beach vacation!

Good to know: If you’re considering vacation destinations, an all-inclusive family resort in the Caribbean is the way to go! Gorgeous islands like the Turks & Caicos and Jamaica don’t take long to get to from the U.S. and make for a perfect surprise beach vacation.

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Ways to surprise your children with a beach vacation…

1. Puzzle

A great way to surprise your kids with a beach vacation is with a custom puzzle. There are quite a few companies that specialize in creating and printing custom puzzles. You can design one with a photo of your choice, or if you’re feeling artistic, you can try making your own puzzle right at home. If you opt to go the DIY route, you’ll need glue, cardboard, and a picture. To create your puzzle, just glue the printed photo onto the cardboard, then mark and cut your puzzle pieces out. The size of your DIY puzzle pieces should depend on the ages of your kids. Smaller kids will lose interest if there are too many pieces, so cut your puzzle into bigger fragments to give them a grand surprise!

Beaches Turks Caicos Sesame Street Puzzle

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2. Treasure hunt

Who doesn’t love a good treasure hunt? I’m sure your kids do! Give them an unexpected surprise at the end of their treasure hunt by announcing a surprise beach vacation. Have your kids hunt for treasures that hint at your upcoming trip. Use things like flip flops, bathing suits, beach toys, or even something hidden in a suitcase to get them thinking. All your clues should help them get that much closer to figuring out the surprise. Make your final clue a letter (or maybe even a postcard!) that’ll share exactly where you all are going, and when!

3. Balloon pop

Balloons always get kids excited! Their mere presence suggests that there is something to celebrate. You can clue your kids into your planned family beach vacation with a balloon popping extravaganza. Put small clues or a single note detailing your vacation into one (or several) of many inflated balloons. Your kids can have fun popping them and looking for the surprises inside. For this reveal, use a picture, postcard, or note which you can slip inside a balloon before blowing it up. You can get another adult to help younger kids with the popping, so they can be part of the fun too.

4. Bring a loved one in on the surprise

There are few things more exciting than a surprise beach vacation, and the reveal of it can be pretty fun too. If you’re planning a multigenerational vacation, increase the anticipation by including surprise guests in the reveal. Have one of the family members or close friends who’ll be coming along give the kids a surprise call or visit. They can ask the kids if they would like to go on a vacation together with the whole family. It is very likely that your kids will be thrilled and say yes, and once they do, your friend or family member can reveal that beach vacation plans are already in the works!

Beaches Vacation Surprise Family

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Ways to surprise your partner with a beach vacation…

5. With a meal or drink from the destination country

Want to surprise your partner with a beach vacation in the most unexpected way? Why not treat them to a delicious meal associated with the country you have in mind? Take Jamaica for instance — you’ll have loads of great Jamaican food and drinks to choose from, but some traditional jerk chicken or even meat patties will do the trick. Or if the plan is to go to the Turks & Caicos, some delectable seafood will be just what the doctor ordered. Once you’ve served up your meal, ask your partner how they like it. Tell them they'll have the opportunity to try the same dish made by locals on your special vacation for two! If cooking isn’t your thing, you can try a cocktail recipe, a beer, or another native drink for your special beach vacation surprise.

Expert tip: There are just as many popular foods from the Turks & Caicos that you can use for inspiration. Try adding your own flair to a traditional dish!

6. Give them travel essentials as a gift

Is there a ‘must have’ travel essential your partner can’t stop talking about? Did you two previously go on a trip and forget an item like sunglasses? Or could your partner use some more sunblock for the next time you travel? If you can think of any incidents or items like this, you’ll have the perfect tool to surprise your partner with for your surprise beach vacation announcement. Simply gift them with the item of your choice, and once they’ve opened it, you can inform them that they will very likely need it for your upcoming beach vacation!

7. Movie reveal

There’s lots of room for creativity with a movie reveal. There are so many movie genres to choose from and lots of movies have stunning beach scenes. If you want to showcase just how romantic a beach getaway can be for a couple's vacation, try using a romantic comedy to subtly clue your loved one in on the vacation surprise. Simply set up a movie night and let your partner know you’ve got a special movie already picked out. Once the perfect beach scene comes up, be sure to comment on the beauty of the place to draw them into the moment. You can even comment about knowing exactly where it was filmed. Once they’re interested, casually let them know you two will soon be able to explore the island together in real life on a surprise beach vacation!

8. QR code

It’s easier than you might think to use a QR code to surprise the love of your life with a beach vacation. If you want to go this route, there are a few things you will need to do first. Start by filming yourself telling your partner about the beach vacation you’ve booked or, as an alternative, you can search for a video review of your destination. A webpage would also work really well. Use the app of your choice to create a QR code that will take your better half straight to the video or webpage that you have selected.

Once you’ve created your QR code, send it to your partner by text or email, print it out, or put it into a card. If you really want to get fancy, get a custom cake made with the QR code printed on it! Any of these options will work as long as your partner can easily scan the QR code with their phone to access your special announcement. One thing’s for sure, they won’t see this beach vacation surprise coming!

Expert tip: While there are many all-inclusive family resorts in the Caribbean that make it more convenient to travel with kids, you can look forward to an outstanding getaway for couples in the Caribbean as well.

Ways to surprise a group of friends or family members with a beach vacation…

9. Box in a box in a box

Planning on surprising a group of people with a beach vacation? A fun way to do this is with a series of boxes that will seem never-ending as you all open them together. For this option to have the maximum effect, get everyone together for a casual hangout. Serve up some drinks and appetizers, and, while everyone is enjoying themselves, bring out the special gift you prepared ahead of time. The idea is to fill a gift box with airline tickets or travel details, then place that gift box into a bigger box. You’ll place the bigger box into a bigger box, and a bigger box, and so on, until your surprise is deep in a sea of gift boxes. As your friends take turns opening this endless gift, everyone’s curiosity will gradually mount. The room will explode with excitement once the main box is opened, and your beach vacation announcement is read aloud by the final opener!

10. Casual reveal

A more casual option for a group reveal can involve getting together for dinner or a drink. As you all are relaxing and enjoying each other’s company, bring up the topic of the holidays. Somewhere in the conversation, it’s very likely someone might bring up how nice it would be to travel during the holidays — that will be your cue. Jump in, and agree with them wholeheartedly. Then, you can reveal to your friends that this was the precise reason you went ahead and booked a beach vacation for the entire group. Your friends will likely be very surprised, so give them a moment to let this revelation sink in!

Expert tip: Is your heart set in Jamaica? The island is an incredible destination for a beach vacation that your friends will love. Here are some things Jamaica is known for that you can share with your traveling companions in advance of your big trip.

The ultimate surprise reveal…

Don’t tell them until you get to the airport!

This one is a bit harder to pull off and may require some deception, but if you’re looking for the ultimate surprise vacation reveal, don’t tell your loved ones where you are going until you get to the airport. If you’d like to try this option with your partner, a close friend, or family members, keep in mind that it’ll only work if you’re familiar with their schedule (work vacation time included). Disguising your surprise beach vacation as a more routine getaway (like a day trip or a weekend stay at grandma’s house) will help you to avoid suspicions until much later.


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As long as all scheduling concerns have been addressed, it’ll be much easier to get your travel partner or partners to pack, so you can head to the airport. Or you can even pack for them in secret. It’ll all be part of the surprise. Once you get to the airport, if they haven’t picked up on the packed luggage in the car, you can expect quite a bit of shock and excitement when you finally make your surprise beach vacation announcement!

Expert tip: In all the excitement of secret packing, don’t forget to bring along your passports, other required documents, and your travel necessities!

Big reveals are great, but your surprise beach vacation must live up to the hype!

There are many ways to reveal a surprise beach vacation, and we hope we’ve helped you figure out an exciting way to tell that special someone or a group of your favorite people that you're taking them on a beach vacation. The only thing that will excite them more is telling them all about the all-inclusive resort you have secured for the occasion!

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As for putting together the best surprise reveal for your exciting vacation, with some creativity and patience, you’ll be well on your way to a truly amazing experience!

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