Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee

Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee

Discover delightful aromas. Only Beaches exclusively serves the world’s most sought-after specialty coffee grown in Jamaica's misty Blue Mountain range, Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee possesses an unmatched superior flavor that has garnered a reputation for being the world's best coffee.

Adam Stewart

Monitored and Certified by the coffee industry board of Jamaica to ensure quality.

Jamaica Blue Mountain blend coffee is served exclusively throughout all Beaches specialty restaurants, French-style cafés, Club Sandals Lounges, self-serve coffee stations and room service. We pour an average of 30,000 cups of freshly ground Jamaica Blue Mountain blend coffee a day at our resorts.

Recognized for its Clean, Mild Qualities, Intense Aroma and Good Body

  • Unmatched superior flavor.
  • Grown in Jamaica's Blue Mountain range.
  • World's most sought-after and expensive specialty coffee.
  • Cultivation is monitored and certified by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica.
  • Served at all Sandals restaurants, cafes, lounges, and self-serve coffee stations.
  • Sandals pours 30,000 cups of freshly ground Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee a day.

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