Growing & Expanding with Nature

Corporate Responsibility

Protecting Our Caribbean

The Caribbean’s most spectacular accommodations, for two people in love, are designed to flawlessly integrate with the surrounding ecosystem. At Sandals and Beaches Resorts, we uphold a commitment to build, design, and maintain our resorts to sustainably harmonize with nature. With conscientious action, we work to preserve these surroundings while we uphold our promise to protect the islands we proudly call our home.

In everything we do, we seek to create All That’s Good fueling a growing, healthy, and thriving Caribbean!

Community Supporting local Caribbean businesses

  • Buying local to boost Caribbean businesses, farmers and fisher partners.

    We integrate consistent and responsible sourcing principals and practices across our resorts and work with local suppliers across each island who share our corporate responsibility principals to identify options with a low environmental impact. 

56% Produce from Local Farmers

An average of 56% of Sandals and Beaches Resorts’ produce needs are purchased from local farmers.

90% Produce Harvested Locally

90% of Sandals and Beaches Resorts’ produce needs in Jamaica is harvested and purchased from local farmers. That amounts to over 5.4 million pounds of produce bought from local farmers annually.

59% Seafood Source Locally

An average of 59% of Sandals and Beaches Resorts seafood sourcing is purchased locally.

  • We Are Committed to Greener Purchasing Practices

    Each purchase is a choice, and we choose to support sustainability and reusable products where and whenever possible. 

  • Showcasing the best of our Caribbean

    Island Routes’ world-leading adventure experiences presents vacationers to the Caribbean with a selection of tours and private experiences that are as unique as the region. Travel by land, air, or sea and explore trailblazing island-centric tours as well as Private and Bespoke Collections. Best of all, these tours leave behind only footprints on the sand. 

EducationBuilding Successful Careers

  • Sandals Corporate University (SCU)

    The first of its kind in the Caribbean, the SCU certifies staff members currently without formal academic qualifications and provides qualified team members with an avenue to advance their education. Through partnerships with internationally recognized universities, professional organizations and local education institutions, the SCU offers programs that range from basic hospitality-specific training to putting them on a learning pathway that can ultimately lead to a masters and/or doctoral degrees.

Launched in 2012

The Sandals Corporate University was launched March 2012

12,167 Enrolled

Team members that have enrolled and completed at least one course since 2012

33,975 Certificates

Certificates of completion issued in a variety of disciplines

3,444 Assessments Completed

COMPASS Competency Assessments completed certifying team members for jobs

561 Courses

Massive Online Open Courses designed to fill learning gaps identified by team members 

$1M in Scholarships

In scholarships to team members pursuing high school equivalency courses, certification programs, associate’s degrees, bachelor’s degrees and post-graduate degrees

16,000 Graduated

Have graduated from the Hospitality Training Program

106 People Benefited

People have benefited from the Management Training program

  • Our Family Is Caribbean Strong

    Team members are the heart and soul of Sandals and Beaches; the #1 reason guests return to our resorts year after year. We consider everyone to be family – made up of 15,000+ strong – and we’re fiercely protective of the region we call our home.

    By ensuring a strong future for the Caribbean hotel industry, Sandals and Beaches believes in fueling the talent pipeline and provides opportunities for individuals to professionally develop and grow to their fullest potential.

Environment Leading In Environmental Preservation Of The Region

  • All Our Resorts Participate in the EarthCheck Program

    Our mission is to offer the ultimate Caribbean vacation experience by innovatively, reliably and consistently providing the safest and highest quality services and facilities to guests, while attaching a premium to our human resources and being among the most eco-friendly and community-friendly resorts in the hospitality industry.

  • Oceanic Global’s Blue Standard

    Working alongside this International NGO we’ve been able to reduce our environmental footprint through elimination of single-use plastics in both front and back of house operations earning Sandals and Beaches Resorts the Blue two-star seal and having our resorts recognized as Blue Verified businesses and partners in sustainable industry leadership. 

    • 21.5M single-use plastic straws removed.
    • 1.4M single-use plastic takeaway containers removed.
    • 1.2M plastic-lined coffee cups removed.
  • Caribbean Coast Line Protection

    Sandals and Beaches Resorts are located on the most pristine pieces of Caribbean beachfront real estate. As a leader in sustainable tourism, we have an obligation to protect these coastal and ocean ecosystems empowering those to take an active role in its preservation and conservation. 

Sound Environmental Practices Our commitment to our natural resources

Energy Management Program

Reducing energy use comes naturally. Across all our resorts, we use next-gen, smart lighting where needed including LED light bulbs and skip it where we don’t. We prefer the natural rays of the cool Caribbean Sun.  Energy efficient technology in guests’ rooms (lighting and air conditioning sensors) and in back of house areas (laundry an kitchens) which contributes to reducing our overall energy consumption.

Water Conservation Program

When it comes to water, we value every drop. Water recycling methods and efficiency tools are at every stop. Many of our resorts have reverse osmosis plants which purify or desalinate contaminated water for generation as a sustainable water source. We hydrate lawns and flora/plants using gray water. And we encourage guests to reuse linens and towels if possible during their stay as part of our Linen Reuse program.

Waste Management Program

Waste plays a crucial role in our comprehensive cycle of sustainability. We compost, recycle, donate, and transform waste into reusable products, and minimize waste with conscious sustainable design across our resorts.

Control of Hazardous Substances

What you put into your environment is what you get out of it. At Sandals, we use eco-friendly chemicals throughout our resorts and train our staff in safety, storage, and maintenance. So, you can enjoy the Caribbean in its lush, natural beauty.

The Sandals Group is committed to providing quality vacation experiences for our guests while we work to minimize the environmental and social impacts associated with our operations.

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