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Only at Beaches® Resorts can children of all ages meet, play and enjoy everyday with the lovable and friendly cast of
characters from Sesame Street®.

Look what's popping up this year:

  • NEW Beaches Resorts Presents Discovery Dome® Explore Outer Space with Elmo & Friends - Your don't need a spaceship to learn about the sun, moon, and stars – just a little imagination! Take an imaginary trip to the moon with your Sesame Street friends and learn some amazing things along the way.

  • NEW Exploring The Moon with Elmo Children will be introduced to basic astronomy concepts and learn about moon phases and craters on the moon's surface. They'll listen to a story and get a chance to create their own clay moon model with some help from Elmo.

  • NEW Sesame Street Artist Workshops Join Louis Henry Mitchell and Barry Goldberg as they teach children how to explore their creative side through a series of fun and educational art activities. They'll show you how to bring Sesame Street characters to life through drawing techniques and use of colorful chalk. In addition, these artists will also take to the beach to sculpt amazing, three-dimensional sand art incorporating everyone's favorite furry friends.

  • Fall-O-Ween Stage Shows Join The Count and the Sesame Street gang for an on stage performance with sing-alongs and Halloween high-jinks that's sure to be Spook-tacular for the whole family!

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