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Travel Channel's "The Trip" Goes on Island Routes Adventures in Jamaica

February 27, 2017 - Beaches Resorts - Jamaica

From diving into Jamaica's Blue Hole to an adventurous dune buggy ride, Travel Channel's "The Trip" hosts Samantha Brown and Jack Maxwell took The Trip of 2017 to Jamaica. And what better way to see Jamaica than to experience all the adventure it has to offer? Island Routes takes the pair through Jamaica's waters, mountains, and even mud.

On their first stop was Island Routes River Bumpkin Tubing Adventure where they were able to see some of Jamaica's seldom views with beautiful scenery making their way over the river's waterfall. 

Continuing on to day 14 of their travels, Samantha and Jack found one of Jamaica's hidden gems - the Blue Hole. Known for its cascades, natural swimming pools,and 28-foot waterfall, the Blue Hole is a favorite among Jamaica's visitors. And the most exciting part? Conquering the cliff jump of course. 

Seeing another side of Ocho Rios, the two decided to get behind the wheel for some more adventure where they made their way through Jamaica's wilderness and woodlands. Apart from Jamaica's beaches and tropical waters, The Trip 2017 took viewers on a muddy, "wet and dirty" ride. 

Ending with the ride of a lifetime on Jamaica's Mystic Mountain, the pair hopped aboard the Jamaican bobsled,  a high-tech, custom-designed bobsled that speeds you along stainless steel rails on a 1000-meter, gravity-driven thrill ride through the forest. 

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