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Beaches Turks & Caicos

Let's see where do I begin? I came here as a birthday celebration with 19 other women from May 23-27. Although, I had read reviews which made me believe that Beaches Resort was catered more to family/ kids due to the Sesame Street characters, it was totally the opposite. When I say this resort is beautiful, clean, and huge, it is really like five hotels in one. My friends and I stayed in different locations; some stayed in the Key West and French areas. My roommates and I stayed in the Caribbean 608 (upgraded) which included a tub Jacuzzi. Although, some of the other rooms had refrigerators, as well as washer and dryers. I still say our room was better due to its' contemporary style. In addition, the food in every location was the best! My favorite to sneak away to was Reflections. And although our package included all inclusive, we mostly skipped the main buffets to experience several restaurants which was more than one can ask for. my favorite was the Sushi place where they prepare and cook the food in front of you.The customer service was all around the best! Must I reiterate, Beaches Resort has the best service in cleanliness, friendliness, and entertainment. I honestly, couldn't ask for more. I definitely have plans on returning with my family... that's how awesome my experience was. The only adult pools was very private and enjoyable also. Last but not least, Turks and Caicos beach is far by the most beautiful, clean,clear, blue water with white sands to top it off. I believe I fell asleep on the beach twice listening to the peaceful sounds of the waves. Before I forget, there were some awesome staff we had the opportunity to experienced, some included, Anna, the sushi restaurant cook (who had very awesome entertainment, a guy i met on the beach by the name of Theodore (entertainment), was very friendly, knowledgeable and kind. One of the waiters made me the best drinks called the "Hummingbird." All in all, the staff and its' entirety were outstanding. I highly recommend this place to people who love clean rooms/beaches, great food, and excellent customer service!

Shekeetha L, oakland park, fl, usa Visited on May 2015