“Sailing Fun” Experience FAQ's

  • What is the Beaches Resorts "Sailing Fun" Experience?

This is a sailing experience that is affiliated with the American Sailing Association (ASA) designed to introduce kids and adults to the sport of sailing. To complete the experience, students must successfully complete all four modules that make up the experience.

  • What is the American Sailing Association (ASA)?

ASA is an organization which provides standards and curriculum for sailing instruction. It is an association of over 300 sailing schools that promotes recreational sailing in the United States and internationally by administering a system of sailing qualifications. The ASA network includes sailors, professional sailing instructors, sailing schools and charter companies.

  • How long has ASA been certifying sailors?

The American Sailing Association was established in 1983 and was the first keelboat certifying organization in the United States. ASA represents about 85% of the commercial sailing schools in the U.S. They have certified over 7,500 instructors and 446,000 students in the last 30 years.

  • What is the age group for this "Sailing Fun" Experience?

This "Sailing Fun" Experience is designed for everyone, ages 8 and over.

  • What are the Prerequisites of this "Sailing Fun" Experience?

  • Individual must be able to swim
  • Must be in good health
  • Must complete a Liability Release Form
  • Children under the age of 18 must be signed off by Parent/Guardian
  • What is the cost of the "Sailing Fun" Experience?

The introductory cost of the program is $150 per person or $500 for a group of four, which includes all four modules. If a parent and a child would like to take this course together as a private course, the cost will be $500.

  • Where do you book this "Sailing Fun" Experience?

This program can be booked on site or through the Beaches Resorts pre-reservation system online by clicking here.

  • What is the duration of this "Sailing Fun" Experience?

The total experience spans eight (8) hours. There are four (4) modules with each module lasting two (2) hours each.

  • Where will this "Sailing Fun" Experience be offered?

This experience will be available at all 3 Beaches Resorts, Beaches Turks & Caicos, Beaches Negril, and Beaches Ocho Rios, beginning April 15, 2014.

  • Will participants become certified sailors after completing this "Sailing Fun" Experience?

No, participants will not be certified by the ASA after completing their 8-hour experience. However, participants will receive a "Sailing Fun" Experience Card from Beaches Resorts and from the ASA.��They will also be registered on the ASA website and their participation at Beaches Resorts will count towards an ASA Sailing Certification.

  • What are the referral procedures for participants that are unable to complete the "Sailing Fun" Experience during their stay?

If a participant is unable to complete all four (4) "Sailing Fun" modules during their stay, they will be able complete their experience at any other Beaches resort within 18 months. If their experience is not completed within those first 18 months, then the individual would have to re-start the entire experience from the beginning. Classes can also be transferred from one resort to another within 18 months of the first module and still count towards their participation and towards their registration for certification.

  • Where can a participant go to find other sailing courses to complete their certification?

To find other great sailing courses and the locations of independently owned ASA schools around the world, visit www.ASA.com.

  • Can this "Sailing Fun" Experience be completed in a shorter time span?

Yes, this "Sailing Fun" Experience can be completed in a shorter time span than eight (8) hours but all requirements must still be met and verified.

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