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January 17, 2014 - Beaches Resorts - Weddings & Honeymoons

From classic pictures and romantic wedding photos to daring and adventurous snapshots, your beautiful beginning at Sandals or Beaches could earn you a feature on the Sandals and Beaches Wedding Blog. Maybe it's a colorful place setting you want to show off, the elegant dress, a lively wedding reception with the Caribbean sun setting behind you and your guests, a passionate kiss shared between you and your significant other – or a combination of all four - your photos could make you the star of an award-winning blog!

Our new Picture of Love program makes it easy for you to show off your best wedding photos.  Simply log in to your social media account, use a special hashtag, post your photos, and you’re automatically entered.



  1. Tweet or Instagram a photo of your wedding at Sandals Resorts or Beaches Resorts. Be sure to mention which resort you chose as your destination, for example, Sandals Royal Caribbean.


  1. Make sure to tag us @Weddingmoons and use #PictureofLove in your description.


  1. One of our couples will be chosen at random and featured on the Sandals Wedding Blog.


So get ready to share and inspire others with your love story!  We look forward to receiving your photos and wish you the best in having your perfect day featured on our Sandals and Beaches Wedding Blog!

And if you’re getting married at Sandals or Beaches this year or thinking about a destination wedding in the Caribbean, find out how you can you can qualify for our $1000 WeddingMoons Credit


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