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Chefs at Beaches Resorts say "NO WORRIES" to Food Allergies

December 06, 2011 - Beaches Resorts - Dining

Chefs of Beaches Resorts maintain the Luxury Included® vacation experience is truly "for everyone" in every sense of the phrase, including those with food allergies. Ensuring each guest has the opportunity to taste the Caribbean's most authentic gourmet dishes, the culinary team at Beaches Resorts creates custom menu options for those guests who may not be able to indulge in the general dining offerings available at the resorts due to food allergies.

Conray Edwards, a Soup and Sauce Chef whose dual role involves catering to guests with allergies at Beaches Negril, taps into his culinary creativity to not only carefully prepare special dishes to meet each guests' dietary needs, but also sees to it that each meal is unique and that variety is not compromised. Edwards highlights this as the best part of his job. “I absolutely enjoy being able to get creative in designing these meals. I don’t follow recipes, but invent my own,” he said.

One guest in particular, has returned to Jamaica year after year from the UK for this exact reason. “He is just one of the best chefs I have ever met,” said Steve Morley. “I have travelled to many places and no one has been able to supply me with a delicious and different meal every day like Conray at Beaches Negril.” Edwards has contributed several alternate menu options for guests by making simple changes which can be adapted to suit those with different types of allergies.

Dining is a large part of the resort experience at Beaches Resorts and food allergies never take the fun out of a wonderful family vacation. From back-of the house arrangements, in which the chefs identify and designate specific kitchen-areas to accommodate special food preparation and prevent cross-contamination, to detailed staff instruction surrounding specific food allergies and necessary requirements, the culinary staff takes food allergies very seriously so that guests can relax and enjoy themselves and all that Beaches Resorts has to offer.

If you are booking a vacation at Beaches Resorts and have food allergies, please be sure to advise your reservations agent so that it is noted in your booking. Then, upon arrival to the resort, ask to speak to the Executive Chef so that they can consult with you and make sure that all of your food needs are met during your stay. You can click here to check out all of the dining options available at Beaches Resorts:

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