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Top Five Aphrodisiacs to Share with Your Valentine

February 11, 2013 - Beaches Resorts - Sandals Lifestyle

If you will be with us at Sandals Resorts or Beaches Resorts on Valentine’s Day, then you have nothing to worry about, as delectable, gourmet cuisine is at your fingertips throughout the day and night. But for those who want an intimate, romantic evening at home, creating and sharing a home-cooked meal, Sandals style, is the next best thing! This Valentine's Day, add some aphrodisiacs to your menu and let the sparks fly:




Champagne is among the top five aphrodisiacs for love and once the cork is popped, lovers share in the delight of taking in its sparkling effervescence, eventually feeling a sense of euphoria and anticipation of a very special evening.


Perfect for a special celebration and a symbol for love, champagne is available at all Sandals Resorts and Beaches Resorts. Try it during a dinner toast at any of the fine gourmet restaurants or as a morning mimosa.




Conch is said to be a strong aphrodisiac. Its texture is like that of oysters or mussels and has a sensuous and unique taste: soft yet hard enough to feel between your teeth. The Bahamians prepare this delicacy in many different ways. Conch fritters (chunks of conch, green pepper, and other spices cooked in a batter, and served with a tomato mayonnaise sauce) is the most popular preparation.


If you’re at home, use a shellfish substitute for conch, as it is not available in Canada or the US. If at Sandals Emerald Bay, try the amazing conch fritters, seasoned conch with lemon and black pepper mayonnaise at Barefoot by the Sea.


Spicy Foods and Peppers


Just the right amount of spice can make your palms sweat and increase your heart rate and body temperature—similar affects of what love does to some people! Spicy foods and peppers can be aphrodisiacs because of the way they make you feel.


Pull out your bottle of Sandals Lifestyle ‘ Catch-a-Fire Scotch Bonnet Pepper’ Sauce. Made with Jamaica’s most well-known fiery pepper, this succulent sauce spices up steak and seafood filets brilliantly!




A proven aphrodisiac, oysters (as well as mussels and scallops), have the potential to raise hormone levels. And spring, scientists say, is the time of year these bivalves have their greatest aphrodisiac quality. Rich in rare amino acids, oysters pair perfectly with champagne and are an ideal lover’s food as you can feed each other.  


Try your oysters simmered bouillabaisse style with garlic croutons and rouille sauce, a recipe inspired by Sandals Royal Bahamian restaurant, Stewfish.




Deliciously tempting, there is a reason chocolate is always listed as a top food for love. Luxuriously smooth and sweet, you can get very creative with chocolate. For many, it is one of life’s true culinary pleasures. A Valentine's Day tradition, chocolate goes hand-in-hand with this special day as a choice gift with long stem roses or jewelry. 


Here is a tempting way to end your Valentine's Day meal: Chocolate Mocha Cake with Chocolate Sauce – an indulging dessert offered at Sandals Montego Bay’s Stewfish.

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