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Oscar the Grouch Joins the Sesame Street Gang at Beaches Ocho Rios

August 09, 2012 - Beaches Resorts - Kids Activities & Programs

This fall, Beaches Ocho Rios gets a lot “greener” as Oscar the Grouch makes his debut and joins his friends as part of the Beaches Resorts Caribbean Adventure with Sesame Street® gang. Starting September 1, 2012, Oscar and his trash-can will make Beaches Ocho Rios Resort & Golf Club his exclusive vacation home, bringing joy and laughter to kids of all ages. Oscar will ensure children and their families can learn, have fun and spend quality time together through a variety of exciting programs.

 Oscar brings with him new and exciting activities as part of the Beaches Resorts Caribbean Adventure with Sesame Street® program which includes Oscar's Grouchy Sing-A-Long, an exclusive pre-show that's sure to get everyone excited and ready for the stage show, an array of photo opportunities, and best of all, his interactive From Trash To Treasure activity that gives children a special peek into Oscar’s trash land. Oscar's trash land is filled with cardboard boxes, plastic tubes, paper, bubble wrap, fabric, and other stuff he's been collecting. Through this activity, children will do what they do best - play and create!  They will get to reuse everyday materials to build castles, cars, mazes, puppets, a giant whale... or whatever comes to their imagination!  

 We are excited to include even more creative activities that allow for more family bonding time, and with Oscar the Grouch being one of the classic Sesame Street® characters, we are thrilled to have him join the Sesame gang at Beaches Ocho Rios.

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