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How to ?Pin? down your favorite Love Nest Dream Suites!

May 11, 2012 - Beaches Resorts - Weddings & Honeymoons

With so many wedding and honeymoon decisions to make in the months leading up to the big day, why not let friends and family help in a fun way to make the most important decision of all – choosing the magnificent Love Nest Dream Suites you will book for your honeymoon!

By creating a Sandals Love Nest Pinterest board, you can have your followers vote and comment on which Love Nest Dream Suite they think is best “suited” for you, and fits your personality. 

To start, just make sure you have a Pin bookmarklet. Then visit this page: , click Pin It on your browser and this will pull up all of the beautiful Love Nest Dream Suite images from the page. Finally, add your favorites to your personal “Sandals Love Nest Dream Suites” board, add descriptions, then “Pin It”! Soon you’ll have votes and comments galore.

Share your board with us! Comment on one of our photos at with the link to your Love Nest Dream Suite board!


P.S. – Want to let your friends and family know another way they can contribute to making this honeymoon “dream suite” come true? Take a peek at our recent post about the Sandals Wedding and Honeymoon Gift Registry… where friends and family can help make all your honeymoon “dreams”, a reality. 


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