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April 16, 2012 - Beaches Resorts - Sandals Select

It’s only natural to have questions when it comes to traveling.  If you are a Sandals Select Rewards member, then we have the answers for you!  Sandals Select Rewards agent, Kaci, answers some of the most common questions recently asked by you, our most valued guests!

Q: How do I use my points?

Kaci: “Your points can be used as a discount on your room reservation and will be applied to your reservation before final payment.”

Q: If I take my family to Beaches, will I be able to get points for everyone?

Kaci: “You will not be able to earn points on group bookings, but if they are individually booked trips you can earn up to two (2) rooms per calendar year, which you are not the occupant of. We will require proof that you are 100% financially responsible by requesting either a credit card statement or a cancelled check; and the adult guests are required to send us a written statement accompanied by a copy of a photo ID authorizing the transfer of their nights.”

Q: I traveled many times in the past but never signed up for the Sandals Select Rewards Club, if I sign up now will I get credit for those trips?

Kaci: “Once you have been to a Sandals Resort or Beaches Resort, we are able to enroll you in Sandals Select Rewards. We will provide you with the paid nights from all your previous stays and once we locate the stays, these will go toward your milestone awards. However, points will only be earned for stays that were completed within 120 days of your last check out."

Q: I am already enrolled in the program but my spouse is not enrolled. Can we have him/her enrolled?

Kaci: “Only one (1) person per household can be the primary account holder. This person will have full authorization on the use of the account. The secondary member will be able to use the account if he/she is travelling with the primary or if he/she has been given written and signed authorization to use the account.”

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